Painting a Shower Curtain?

You may or may not be surprised at some of the uses for acrylic paint, but this is certainly a unique one.  Yes, you can paint a shower curtain!  Bust Magazine provides complete instructions here.  One of the best things? If you already have acrylic paint on hand, you can get a clear shower curtain liner for about $3 at many stores. Nothing beats a budget craft!

For a long lasting and water-resistant paint option, we recommend FolkArt Outdoor in addition to our acrylic spray sealers.

One Comment to “Painting a Shower Curtain?”

  1. I do this for a living for last 20 years. It not a good idea just makes for a fun article. Acrylics are super expensive to paint on something as big as a shower curtain, don’t like to get wet, crack off and will weigh more than your car. If you would like something fun and affordable come see me. My work is hand painted, last forever and is washable,colorfast and non toxic.

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