Decorating Your Outside with Paint

I don’t mean the outside of your house either – I mean acrylic painted projects to be used outdoors.  Decorating your outdoor space as you would your interior is a big trend for 2010 – see a great blog post about it here.  A great way to spice up your patio is with some decorative outdoor furniture.  This table is a perfect example, and it uses FolkArt Outdoor paint with a stencil.  You won’t believe how easy it is; give it a coat of outdoor sealer to make it extra durable.  Get the instructions here.

2 Comments to “Decorating Your Outside with Paint”

  1. What a coincidence—I just got done blogging on Creating the Hive about your wonderful Patio Paint!! It would roughly cost $64/gallon using the 2 oz size for price comparison. BUT you can’t beat it—even the powerwasher did not remove Patio Paint from my concrete porch! It DID tear off the white concrete paint from Lowes that was the base coat there!
    Ck out my blog there–it was just made a featured blog! I have several pictures of my projects using your product…and also you can see them under “painting” on my site at shutterfly—
    Will you be coming out with new colors? like some great turqoise ones?

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