Removing Wet Paint from Clothing

I’m very serious when I tell you that I am one of the sloppiest crafters on the face of the earth. I throw paint and Mod Podge everywhere, and if you are in the way, watch out! It’s not on purpose.  I’m just messy. That is why I’m sharing a tip like this with you on this fine Wednesday.

Here it is.

IF YOU SPILL Mod Podge or acrylic paint on your clothes, and you catch it while it’s still wet, you can scrub it with Brush Plus and it will come out later when you wash the item. Brush Plus was created to clean and care for brushes, but it also works like I’m telling you – stain prevention! If the paint or Mod Podge dries without Brush Plus, it WILL stain your clothes and you’ll not be able to remove it. With the Brush Plus, you can even wash the item several hours later and you’ll still be okay.

Thanks to Holli for this tip. She also says in addition to stain fighting and brush cleaning, Brush Plus is great for cleaning stencils when the paint has dried.  Holli, you rock!

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