Technique Thursday: Preparing Plastic to Paint

I am so enamoured with this vase from Natalie Friedman posted on the blog.  It was made with newspaper, a recycled laundry detergent container and finished with acrylic paint.  I keep looking at the circles thinking “that’s an awesome painting project.” Then I realized, I’ve got a perfect technique to share!

Not sure if you’ve ever tried to paint on plastic before, but with most acrylics you can’t do it. I won’t bore you with the scientific reasons why, but it just scrapes right off.  SO MANY recycled items are plastic – so how can you prepare them to paint?

Paper mache.

If you visit the article here, you’ll see that Natalie used old newspaper and some household items to create homemade paper mache. You’ll love the budget-ness of it and the painting, so easy.

One Comment to “Technique Thursday: Preparing Plastic to Paint”

  1. I´m interested in recycling, but also in all kinds of paiting.
    Tereza Campos

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