The Inner Ducks of a Craft Company

Let me tell you something about Plaid as a company – we love to work hard, but we have fun too!  It’s a great place to work, and the above picture shows you one reason why I love it. Someone recently passed around the a “Find Your Inner Duck” quiz from Oriental Trading Company. We all took the quiz and posted our inner duck certificate!  I’m a Superhero Duck – not too shabby.  To find your inner duck, go here and take the quiz. Let us know what kind of duck you are in the comments!

9 Comments to “The Inner Ducks of a Craft Company”

  1. Looks like I am a Princess Duck.

  2. I am a super hero duck! LOL!

  3. It seems I’m an 80’s duck. Probably very true.

  4. You’re a

    You’re totally groovy, man. Whether you’re going on a nature hike or relaxing with an afternoon of haiku and macrame, that’s cool with you.

  5. I am a biker duck also. Like coloring out of the box!

  6. Biker Duck for sure. Don’t like to stay within the lines. Like to color outside the box! lol

  7. Ha, Amy .. . I am a “Princess Duck” of course!!!!!!

  8. OMG, I’m “undefined”! Either I broke the program, or I failed the test! ACK!

  9. LOL – I am a biker Duck!!!! Funny since my hubby just a motorcycle for his 40th B-day!

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