CHA Summer Show – Day One, Show Begins

What a day at CHA!  I thought day one would start off slowly, but I was wrong – it came in with a bang. The show actually started not with a bang but with a band, complete with bagpipes. As a company, we were thrilled to see our President, Mr. McCooey, marching along in the procession:

Marching Band Entrance

Mr. McCooey is the CHA Board Chair, and we are so proud. He’s in the blue shirt and glasses above.

Paint Me Plaid Projects

Here’s Chris Williams, our Education Director, posing with FolkArt painted projects (some of which she did!).  We had a display of some of our favorites to celebrate this blog!

Katrien and Libby

Two of our salespeople, Katrien and Libby, are excited to start the day. Check out Tim Holtz in the background at the Ranger booth. . .

FolkArt Enamels Make and Take

Here’s our Make N’ Take – a beautiful painted glass using bright colors of FolkArt enamels and our new adhesive painting templates. These little templates make painting on a glass a snap! The theme? Girls’ Night Out! It was a big hit with the crowd.  We actually have instructions on the website for these glasses. Check them out here.

Enamels Glitter

One thing we were very excited to debut at the show was FolkArt Enamels in glitter colors of Silver and Gold.  These look GORGEOUS on glass!  Not sure when they are going to be in stores yet, but I’ll keep you updated. 

Bright Enamels 3

Fabulous brightly colored glass with FolkArt Enamels and some Mod Podge accents (with fabric!). Combining paint and Mod Podge works for me. . . .

Bright Enamels

More glass!  I couldn’t get enough of these pieces!  I’m just loving the bright colors so much. Aren’t the flowers on that vase cool?

Glass Blocks

Below the entire display were these glass blocks, again decorated with Enamels. NEVER thought I would be a glass block lover, but I think the effect of painting in the front AND the back for a shadowbox look is delightful. My plan? Get one of these blocks and Mod Podge in the back, paint in the front – what do you think?

Gallery Glass New

To finish out the glass painting, there was a pretty cool display of bright Gallery Glass colors and projects.  Six NEW colors were released at the show (see that black triangle in the upper left hand corner of the label?).  There are several very modern Gallery Glass projects in this glass painting roundup on our site. Check them out.

Cathie and Steve

So what else was going on at the Plaid booth?  We can’t forget about Cathie and Steve!  This crafty twosome is not only talented, but they are both just SO nice.  They were there doing a demonstration. . .

HGGH Sheets

of the Hot Glue Gun Helpers!  This product was previewed at the Winter Show in Anaheim, but we finally got the parts and pieces to do a REAL demo live in Rosemont!  They actually did a project for the Girls’ Night Out theme – the silver invite card you see above.


What is so cool about these tools?  You can read Cathie’s blog entry about them here, and then catch a Cathie and Steve exclusive video right here.  If you have ever suffered a burn from a hot glue gun, I promise you are going to want to learn more. In the photo above, Cathie is spreading ribbon over HOT glue with her finger – that little cap prevents heat from burning her finger tip! Amazing, huh?

Day one has been awesome – we were also lucky to meet some very crafty peeps today!

Marisa Wyland

Marisa Pawelko of Modern Surrealist – this girl makes the most fabulously funky jewelry!

The Girls from When Creativity Knocks

The girls from When Creativity Knocks (they are going to film me tomorrow, ack! More on that later).

Amy in front of the Paint Me Plaid Banner

Then last (but certainly not least, right?), here’s lil’ ol’ me, in front of our rotating banner featuring this blog. What a day!  I’ve had a blast, and I’m exhausted. More tomorrow as I examine what else is being featured on the floor.  See you soon!

6 Comments to “CHA Summer Show – Day One, Show Begins”

  1. What a fun place to visit . To be the first to check out all the newest Crafting treasures and how to use them.
    The Enamels on the wine glasses are so festive looking. Well, Paint me Plaid thanks for all the crafting tips,ideas
    and news.

  2. Sounds like lots of new things to try – lucky for all the visitors.

  3. Off topic – but love the blouse you’re wearing! 🙂

  4. OH there’s Amy! Hi there! 🙂
    One of the Fiskateers posted a short video of the show starter, seemed odd to me-is there a reason why they had bag pipes in there?

  5. Oh, I have to say I am so glad I looked over the projects today. I NOW know how to do something I have wanted to do over a year, but wasn’t sure what paint to use. I should have realized that Plaid would have it in their line. Duh. Thank you so much! Now to see where I can get Gallery Glass … and a clear bowl.

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