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August 24, 2010

Tuesday Huesday: Big Blue Room

I truly believe that blue is the best color in the world, although I’m guessing that some of you might disagree with me because you have your own personal favorite. Blue is mine, really in any shade if you want the truth.  Although I do like rooms that are completely decorated in tones of blue, I was so pleased to discover this room in the latest issue of Woman’s Day Easy Decorating.  The addition of greens, purples, browns, yellows, creams and even a metallic mirror accent works. I think it would work on some of your painting projects too, so I’ve created this color palette for you.

PS – Dear Santa, I need that green velvet pillow and the matching rug.  I’ve been very good.  Thx.

This palette was created using FolkArt Acrylic colors (from upper left going clockwise): Coastal Blue, Jamaican Sea, Antique Copper (your accent color), Yellow Citron, Light Lavender

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