Interview with Steve Slotin – Slotin Folk Fest

Steve and Amy Slotin have been procuring the largest Folk Art festival around for 17 years. Their annual Folk Fest in Norcross, Georgia draws exibitors and collectors from all over our nation.  You will not find a better venue for Folk Art, Self-taught Art, Outsider Art and Southern Folk Pottery. Steve took a few moments to tell us what he and Folk Fest are all about.

Steve and Amy Slotin of Slotin Folk Fest

Steve and Amy Slotin, producers of Folk Fest

What do you feel is the role of the American Folk Artist?

 I think the role of the American Folk artist is to give true vision to the American experience from Grandma Moses to Clementine Hunter, rural life is immortalized in their paintings. The academic art world is constantly searching for the next great thing with the European influence and sophisticated art training, but this will always seem foreign to what is genuine and truly American. These self-taught artists draw on their experience of culture, their isolation – both physical and mental, religious zealousness and the sheer need to create and beautify their own environment. American folk artists are uninfluenced artists, the roots of what is truly unique about our way life.

What are some interesting Folk Art style trends you have noticed recently?

This field is not about about trends. The commercial and contemporary art market is really different from self taught art world. These artists never really considered themselves artists, or considered that their art would be a valuable commodity so they didn’t create the work to please others. True self-taught art is uninfluenced by the outside world and trends. Collectors may have trends. Museum shows have trends, galleries have trends, but the artists themselves are driven to created without the art market, we sought them out. If they are copying trends they may not not be a true self-taught artist.

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