Donna Collins Sparkles at the Slotin Folk Fest

Donna Collins at Slotin Folk Fest

A true Folk Artist from Kalamazoo, MI, Donna Collins’ exibit at the Slotin Folk Festival takes us to a happy place. Collectors seek Donna’s work as it is becoming a cult phenomenon the likes of Susan Serandon, Roseanne and Courtney Love have all followed.

Donna Collins Folk Art

Donna Collins’ collection at the Slotin Folk Fest is full of pink and glitter and smiles. All the things that fascinate and delight little girls.  Averie Olson from Woodstock, GA asks Donna about her work. Averie likes the paintings that have cupcakes. Donna has created other collections based on skeletons and other themes, but this exhibit is definitely drawing in the girls.

Apple Barrel Paint at Slotin Folk Festival

Donna was excited to meet us because she uses Plaid Apple Barrel Acrylics exclusively! She pulled some out of her touch up kit for the Folk Art Fest to show me. Donna shared, “Plaid does not fade. I have tested some and in my garage are paintings 10 years old. Plaid does not crinkle, fade or crack.”

9 Comments to “Donna Collins Sparkles at the Slotin Folk Fest”

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  3. Hi Donna! I met you at the Georgia Folk Arts Festival & was completely taken with your work. You mentioned you have a Facebook page, but I am having trouble finding it. Would be grateful if you could post a link to it! I’d love to buy some work.

  4. Hi Amy! What a nice surprise! Made me smile seeing you here! ok, bye LoveXO, donna

  5. Yay! Donna Collins is a fabulous artist and a truly beautiful person. Thanks for profiling her!

  6. I have used Apple Barrel paints for a lot of my projects. They clean up easy and hold there colors for years. I use them on my Tombstones.

  7. What beautiful work! Do you know if she has a website to get a closer look at her work? Thakns so much for sharing. I love your blog!

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