Make It Monday: Tennis Ball Halloween Wreath

I’m such a huge fan of Halloween – the cuteness and the colors thrill me!  I love witches, ghosts and pumpkins . .  . so when I saw this wreath on Women’s Day, I immediately clicked on it.  I found out it uses Plaid FolkArt and Apple Barrel colors, and I liked it all the better!  I wasn’t sure what the heads were made of, and I laughed when I saw that it was tennis balls.  I have a tennis court right around the corner, and I bet if I look in the grass around the edge I could find enough to make this wreath.   I have the rest of the goods on hand.  Take a peek at the instructions right here, and I hope you’ll consider making a cute wreath of your very own.

2 Comments to “Make It Monday: Tennis Ball Halloween Wreath”

  1. Such a cute idea! You can design your own faces!

  2. I love this idea and I love working with acrylics, what an adorable Halloween wreath, I’m going to make at least one!

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