Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park

Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain, Georgia, is named for the Confederate Yellow Daisy. This friendly flower lives in a natural environment in Stone Mountain National Park, just as the Yellow Daisy Festival arts and crafts exhibits also inhabit and wind around walking trails there. At Yellow Daisy you can find furniture, jewelry, dolls, food, and of course, fantastic paint crafts!

Yellow Daisy Festival house craft painting

Bronwyn Hanahan makes “cute stuff for cute people” as illustrated in her painting above. You can see close-up paint and decoupage work from one of her pieces below.

pattern flowers painted decoupoage Yellow Daisy Festival

This detailed birdhouse below is by decorative painter Pat Lewis. Pat uses Plaid paint products on her projects. We gave her some new colors and she said they would come in handy for doing craft personalization, on the spot! Getting custom names and messages painted on purchased works was in style this year.

Yello Daisy painted bird house craft

Atlanta designer Charity Elise uses FolkArt Acrylics in her paint crafts. They are her favorite, she says, because “They have the best coverage and viscosity of all craft paints.” Charity’s magnets all have a message such as, “be nice or leave” or “life is too short to cook for you people”. And my personal favorite is, “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s”.  You can see more of her magnets and other crafts at

Yellow Daisy craft magnets

5 Comments to “Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park”

  1. You can call her at 334-596-1414. She no longer has a website. 🙂

  2. I am trying to contact Bronwyn Hanahan. I love her “suff” and her website is no longer working. Do you have contact information for her?

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