TGIF Project: Fall Season Sign

Did you know that you can paint on Styrofoam™?  Or that you can cut it with cookie cutters?  Or that you can sand Styrofoam with another piece of Styrofoam?  Okay, I’ll stop, I’m just excited.  Styrofoam is a pretty cool surface because it’s so lightweight, and the more I type the word, the more it looks like I’m spelling it wrong.  Does that ever happen to you?

Apple Barrel paints work great on Styrofoam, and I wanted to share with you a project that you could complete in a weekend.  This fall sign is so simple and cute, and I love the dry brushing that gives it that special rustic touch.  What a great mantle display – add a few fake leaves and some painted acorns and you are good to go!   For project instructions visit here, and go here if you would like to see more awesome Plaid projects using foam.  I also found this link on the Dow Chemical site (Dow makes Styrofoam) listing the top ten tips for working with Styrofoam. Have fun!

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