Make It Monday: Animal Print Frame

Have you been seeing leopard and animal print everywhere?  I have.  Like this coat from Garnet Hill that I kind of want:

I also found this trend report in Real Simple – look at all the fun accessories:

There are so many more that I could scan for you (but don’t worry, I won’t) – I know I was at the nail salon yesterday and saw a spread in People.  Animal prints were here just a few years ago, and now they’re back!  Given that they are so big in fashion, I thought maybe you would want to incorporate them into your painting as well. “But how, Amy?” I can already hear you asking.  Here’s a great example from, a funky animal print glass frame:

I would be intimidated at the thought of painting animal print, but the good news is that a pattern is included for this project.  So you don’t have to be afraid of the “wild beast” that is glass painting.  This frame was painted with FolkArt Enamels in some funky colors, and while I’m not typically an animal print girl, I’m kind of getting into it this year.  I hope you do too.  For full project instructions, go here.

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