Our Holiday Contests – Have You Heard?

We are THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF to be hosting two BIG holiday contests this year!  Both are being hosted at the PlaidOnline.com website, and both involve cash and prizes.  Read below for the details.


First up is Trick Your Pumpkin!  We want YOU to create a three-dimensional pumpkin using your favorite Plaid products – and there are no limits to what you can create! All we ask is that the pumpkin be three-dimensional – this means that no flat pumpkins are allowed – the actual pumpkin body itself must be at least 1/8” thick. Possibilities include real pumpkins, craft pumpkins, paper mache, clay pots, wood, fabric and more. Use your imagination and Trick Your Pumpkin!  Click here for the rules, prizes and submission guidelines.


Can you believe it’s only 12 weeks until Christmas?  Wow, is it coming up fast! No matter what holiday you celebrate, crafting is an important part of the season! Here’s your chance to show us your most creative and fun holiday projects for a chance to win cash and prizes! We’ll select a winner each week, as well as a grand prize winner at the end of our 12 week celebration!  Click here for the rules, prizes and submission guidelines.

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