Technique Thursday: Gallery Glass Pumpkin Suncatcher

I like pumpkins, yes I do – I like pumpkins, how about you?  Contributor Carol Smith created this pumpkin suncatcher to celebrate fall and Halloween using Gallery Glass.  It’s perfect for hanging in the window of a kitchen or child’s room, and beautiful when the light shines through.  Carol leaded (drew the black outline) of the pumpkin using Liquid Lead.  I asked Carol to share with me how she gets her perfect leaded lines.  I was shocked to find out that she uses a tape tip – made with regular Scotch tape!  Wow.  I asked for information to share with you, and here are her instructions to create a tape tip for your leading.  Cool, huh?

One more thing abou this pumpkin – Carol is so kind, she’s even provided you the pattern!  Download the image and then enlarge or size down to fit the item of your choice.  To fill in the pumpkin, Carol used Gallery Glass Window Colors Kelly Green (16008), Pumpkin Orange (16429) and Cameo Ivory (16003).  Customize to fit your own decor.

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