Blockhead Arts by the Numbers

by Jacki Schklar

I met mixed media and decoupage folk artist Marian Baker of Blockhead Arts at the Downtown Historic Norcross Art Fest last week as she was chatting with booth patrons about her inimitable craft pieces. I asked if I may contact her for a little more information for a story and Marian casually mentioned that there was some info posted about her being in the Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy Festival. Upon checking, Marian was the Yellow Daisy 2010 Featured Artist! She obviously remains modest about her increasing popularity.

Marian Baker Folk Art

Marian crafts with repurposed and recycled items to create decoupage pieces with distinctive character and a vintage feel. She starts with Mod Podge to secure book pages from typing manuals as a background. Next she adorns with items such as vintage trading and bingo cards as well as  found printed numbers. She then embellishes with craft paint. Marian uses a lot of FolkArt Acrylics and especially likes Skintone color seen in the face in the image below. She seals with melted beeswax mixed with tint for an antique feel.

Norcross GA Folk Art

The prevelant use of numbers a trademark of her pieces. Marian started this when she had eyed some shirts around town, which had numbers on them. But the clothes line is not available in her size. Frustrated about this, she decided that she can have number motifs in her life as much as she wants in her art. And now most of her pieces have numbers.

You can keep up with where Marian is exibiting work on her blog, and you can buy her work on her Etsy page.

Blockhead Arts Decoupage

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