Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Giveaway

October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month – here at Plaid, cancer has affected many of our lives, and we regularly do fundraisers to support Relay for Life (read more about it here).  In the past several years we’ve donated over $120,000 to further the cause of curing cancer.  To honor this special month, we asked our friend and Plaid designer Angela Anderson to create the two beautiful projects pictured above.  We are having a special giveaway of this gorgeous frame and ornament, so please enter by reading the rules below.  If you’d like to make these projects yourself for a family member or loved once, visit the instructions here.

Giveaway Rules

  • One comment per person on this blog entry – tell us what makes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month special for you.
  • You must be a follower of our RSS feed or e-mail newsletter to enter.
  • Comments must be left by Tuesday, October 19th at midnight EST.

Thank you for entering, and if you are looking to participate in cancer fundraising in your community, visit the American Cancer Society for more information.

24 Comments to “Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Giveaway”

  1. I am a survivor of 1 1/2 years. This month being Breast Cancer awareness month has a special meaning to me.

  2. those are beautiful! My Grandmother had breast cancer several years ago, after surgery & treatment she, luckily, had been cancer free for nearly 10 years. She passed away last year after having a massive heart attack. I would love to put her picture in that gorgeous frame to honor her memory!

  3. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 40’s. My aunt through marriage died at a young age from a common cold after curing it- survived by my 3 cousins and uncle. I think someday I might get it too. I can’t say the month is special until we figure out how to stop it from happening as much as it does- until I know that my daughter is safe from it too. That will a special occasion.

    Still, everything that raises awareness, that raises the chance to fund more research is good. Thank you for this post and giveaway!

  4. My grandmother was 85 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was and will always be a surviver in my eyes. She did pass away at 89 from gallbladder complications.

  5. I know a wonderful woman who was diagnosed with BC and has not had any reoccurrences for a while now, so I know how important BC awareness is! I would love to win, but if I don’t I will always be a Plaid fan!

    Thanks, Laura Rogers

  6. Breast cancer survivor

  7. My sister is a breast cancer survivor. I think everyone should do something for breast cancer month, I mean everyone knows at least ONE woman that they like. So we need to take care of them.

  8. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is special because of several family members with breast cancer and it reminds me to have regular mammograms.

  9. I lost my mother to cancer as well as several other relatives…I don’t care what kind of cancer it is, we need to do all we can to erradicate this horrible disease! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway to promote awareness.

  10. I have many aquaintances who are breast cancer survivors. My aunt by marriage was not one of the lucky ones and the cancer took her. My daughter and I both have our mamograms every six months as we both have growths that need to monitored deep in our breast. I will be going in again in February and can only hope that it has not changed or has gotten smaller. I think the frame and the ornament would be a reminder to us that we are not the only ones and it surely would give us hope if one of us should hear those dreaded words.

  11. I am thankful that my sister-in-law survived breast cancer. This is what makes this month so important to me! There is hope for this terrible disease!

  12. I lost a dear friend to breast cancer. My husband’s cousin is a breast cancer survivor…twice. My friend is battling breast cancer now. I would love give this to my friend as a reminder of the love shared by all woman battling this dreadful illness. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I have family and friends who are proud survivors of breast cancer and this is a great time to encourage ALL women to be aware of their bodies and stay healthy!

  14. I have 2 aunts who are survivors & my momin-law had a masectomy as a result of breast cancer. We lost an aunt and a friend in their fight so we have celebrated & mourned and we pray with more support we can celebrate more who triumph over this disease.

  15. I lost both grandmothers to breast cancer and now my sister and now my sister is fighting the battle.

  16. What makes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month special for me : MY MOTHER who is a survivor of 15 years and counting.

  17. it’s a great time to celebrate all the brave survivors

  18. I was diagnosed this week with breast cancer. I saw your pink frame and loved it. Thank you for caring about breast cancer.

  19. As a breast cancer and polio and survivor I am amazed at the support shown for breast cancer awareness during October. It reminds me of March of Dimes campaign to raise money for polio research by collecting dimes. Not only did their efforts bring in money but it also brought education and awarenesss during the fund raising drives. Many families have been affected by breast cancer, including mine, therefore it is fitting for all to receive education about it and for as many as possible to donate to the cure. Good luck and thank you for your efforts.

  20. I love it! It is my favorite color!!! Adding the soft deocr makes it very special. i would love to make one to add to my collection of frames!

    Looking forwards to hearing from you.

  21. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2003………6 years later was diagnosed with Lymphoma from which I am just recovering. I know people that are dealing with this dreadful disease and hope that there will be a cure in all areas of cancer.

  22. First and for most this is important to me because I am a woman but it is doubly important because it seems to run in my family. Years ago my Mothers aunt died from this disease, next, my Father was a victim of breast cancer. He had surgery to remove a cancerous lump from his left breast and was treated and eight years later he died from it. Next came my Mom who had her right breast removed, radiation treatment and even though she’s cancer free at this time, she has limited use of her arm and still has pain from the surgery. Last year, my sister was diagnosised with breast cancer and had a lump removed and went through radiation treatment.


  23. Breast Cancer Awareness is important to me because my great grandma was a survivor. Both my mom and I have fibroid cysts which our doctors monitor closely. We are some of the luckier ladies that live with the possibility that someday, it might be cancerous.

  24. My youngest daughter Rel, was named after Rell Sun, a beloved surfer from Hawaii who had and eventually passed away from breast cancer. Throughout her bout, she actively participated in the sport she loved so much, surfing, by teaching children at the spot she was fondly named the Queen of…Makaha Beach. I remember when my daughter was only 3yrs. old she would greet everyone like this “Hi! I’m Rel! Queen of Makahai!” Everytime I tell her that she says “NO! I never said that!” She’s 12yrs. old now and doesn’t show any aspirations of becoming a surfer but that’s not why I gave her that name. Rell Sun embodied a beautiful spirit that was full of life and the love of life as displayed in her every day actions even though she was battling breast cancer. Thank you.

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