Saturday Find: Using Paint in Scrapbooking

I have to confess that I frequently forget it’s possible to use paint in scrapbooking layouts.  Not only is it possible, but the results are wonderful!  Check out this layout by designer Beth Moore at the Better Living Through Scrapbooking blog.  She incorporates some Apple Barrel colors by sponge painting her tag and then painting her chipboard frame.  Beth didn’t stop there – she got really fancy with a painted shadow on the word “laugh.”  This scrapbook page is so cute; it makes me smile!  See the complete supply list for this layout here.

Visit Better Living Through Scrapbooking to see many layouts like this one.  The October challenge currently posted is “Recycled, Reuse, Renew,” and I’m definitely inspired by what I’m seeing.  You will be too.

2 Comments to “Saturday Find: Using Paint in Scrapbooking”

  1. How cool is that……will have to check it out….thank you …..

  2. How thrilling to arrive here at Paint Me Plaid and find my very own scrapbook layout featured! Plaid’s Apple Barrel and Folk Art paints are so much fun to use on scrapbook layouts, in fact… it’s one of my new and most favorite techniques to incorporate paint into my layouts… I mean there are so many fabulous colors! You simply can’t stop at just one! 🙂

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