Interview with Pinky from Much Ado About Nothing

I had the pleasure of “meeting” Pinky from Much Ado About Nothing online a few months ago.  She began sharing projects with me that use Plaid product via e-mail.  She’s known as “Pinky” for obvious reasons, and her hair is so fabulous that I remember seeing her at Summer CHA in Chicago.  I wish I would have walked up to her and introduced myself!  I was drawn to her funky style and use of glitter immediately – then I realized she’s particularly talented at incorporating paint into paper crafts.  I’m always looking forward to what Pinky comes up with next, and I think you’ll be intrigued as well.  I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Pinky, and, like her projects, she didn’t disappoint.

What made you want to be a crafter and designer?  I have been told I was always “crafty” but I wanted to become a designer because crafting speaks to me. I wanted to show people that ANYONE can create, and EVERY project is beautiful because it is made from the heart.   What is more beautiful than someone who cares enough to hand make a project?  I wanted people who don’t craft (or even the ones who do) to see that crafting is more than just paper and glue, it is a personal expression, an art, and art is amazing.

What inspires you – how do you decide what to make?  Generally speaking, my emotions inspire me; I create the most when I am full of emotion whether it be happiness, sadness or anger.  The more emotion I feel the more creative I am.

What is your studio or workspace like, and how do you work in your studio?  I am so blessed to have a wonderful room with bay windows, lots of light and two ceiling fans; it is one reason we bought this house. The room itself is a converted garage, but all the work was done in a light, airy southern style.  It’s my own private heaven.

How would you describe and think of your style, what kind of crafts do you make and what type of materials do you prefer?  My style is all over the place, from vintage shabby chic to trendy and bold.  The comment I hear the most is BOLD with naturally conveyed emotion. I love, LOVE using fabric in any and all projects; if I can add a scrap of fabric, I will.  Believe or not, my other favorite material is cardboard.  There is something so naturally beautiful and textured in cardboard. I love peeling it, painting it, distressing it. It is the base for many of my projects.

My favorite crafting website is (and why): Would it sound narcissistic to say my blog?  Because I work so hard on it?  Ok, ok…probably not the best choice, let me see. . . . I don’t really surf one specific craft site, but I do like Martha Stewart and Country Living.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your crafty career?  My most rewarding moments are when the average crafter e-mails or comes up to me and says “Your work spoke to me in so many ways, I completely feel what you are saying and my life has not been so easy either. . . thank you.”   I love it when someone shares their story with me and I can see I had an impact on their life, or when a non-crafter emails me and says “ I saw what you did and I decided to start crafting because your art touched me.”  Those are the most rewarding moments, the one-on-one connections when I know that speaking out and sharing my work is making a difference.

Looking back, knowing what you know now, is there anything that you would do differently (in your crafty career)?  A couple of things come to mind.  First of all, when I began crafting I would have ignored the people who repeatedly told me I had no talent and my work was awful.  I took it personally and I believed them. . . they were wrong.  Now I see that everything created has value, and I never let anyone under-value my time and work.  It did teach me to see the beauty in all art; it taught me to appreciate all levels of crafting, not just the professional pieces, but all pieces.  It taught me that my work stands by itself.  Anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is probably having some issues of their own and it is no reflection of my work.

Secondly, I would have been more confident in my own way of creating.  I create with such emotion, and when I began it really bothered some people.  I backed down many times, but what I found out was that my unique perspective on crafting is what makes me stand apart from the rest.  My unfaltering voice is what draws people to my crafting and makes it special.

What new directions do you hope to move in the future?  Do you have big plans, new ideas or designs you will be exploring soon?  I am hoping to move more towards the in-house designing and teaching side of crafting.  My plans are (or should I say dreams): to travel and be paid to teach and design, as well as get with a graphic designer and scrapbook company to create my own line of paper and embellishments.  I have so many ideas in this crazy head that are unique and I know the modern crafter looks for.  Maybe one day.  A girl can dream, right?  I would also love to teach children and adult survivors of trauma how to use crafting/scrapbooking to express their emotion.   This seems to come so naturally to me.  I would love to share it with others.

What is your biggest budget crafting tip?  Figure out what kind of crafting you are comfortable with.  If you are comfortable spending $50 on one project and really going all out, then save and do one at a time.  Have fun with it, accept it!  If you feel you need to save and make your crafts the most frugal way possible, then accept it and be frugal; work on using every last bit and scrap.  If you work within your comfort zone when crafting, then it won’t be stressful.  It will be fun!  It’s ok to spend $50 on one project if you can, and it’s ok to be frugal as well.  It’s all about YOU.

Thank you so much for the wonderful interview, Pinky.  Please visit Pinky at Much Ado About Nothing for some fun Halloween crafts and all-around great ideas.  It’s very true that her heart comes out in her crafting.  You can help but want to join in the fun!


17 Comments to “Interview with Pinky from Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Wonderful interview! Pinky, you inspire so many people. You have a flair that few are blessed enough to have!

  2. Great interview Pinky! You are such a “real” crafter and I love all your projects.

  3. It is so great that you interviewed Cristal (Pinky)…she is one talented lady and I always love her work. And I use your paint… it!!!! I had to hide the paint from my 15 yr old stepdaughter as she will get into it too. Very reasonably priced!

  4. Wonderful interview and I totally agree she is just the way she sounds….one of the nicest ladies I have met in the crafting industry….So very talented as well….I’m so very proud of you Cristal…..:)

  5. Such a great interview and amazing projects! Love it all!

  6. Great interview. Pinky does amazing work & has one of the best blogs out there.
    Pinky thinks we should have another giveaway too 😉

  7. Love the interview! It was so nice to be able get to know Pinky better.

  8. So glad that Pinky is getting a good name for herself. She totally deserves it not only because she is an amazing Artist but she is an amazing person all around. She totally Rocked it out in Pure Pinky style…


  9. Great interview with a fab and very talented lady!


  10. Pinky is just such a wonderful person inside and out. Love to read more about her. Great choice to add your blog today


  12. Pinky definitely rocks my socks off. Her work helps keep me inspired and it has definitely helped me to be more open to sharing my emotions through my creations.

  13. OMG PINKY, I am so excited for you. And for those who enjoyed this interview, Pinky is as real as her words. I have never met her in person, but consider her a great friend. She is an encourager and helps however she can. She is not afraid to get out in the world and stand for what and who she is. She is an inspiration to me. My favorite thing about her is the way she can post challenges to make me dig deep and deal with the emotions within me. Her blog is better than farmville. lol lol She is generous in sharing with other crafters. And no she didn’t pay me to say all this, my words are from my heart. I am so proud of you sister.

  14. great interview!!! Pinky rocks!!! 🙂

  15. Love Pinky’s work. She is truly an inspiration. I love how she uses different forms, supplies and comes up with a unique design all her own. She has helped me to continue to be creative and would love to have a dedicated following as she has. Thanks for posting the interview it was great to read more about her.

  16. Fabulous interview! Pinky’s work is amazing and I feel lucky to get to know her through her blog 🙂

  17. Woo Hooo!!! What a fabulous interview! It was awesome to hear about Pinky, she is one of my favorite crafty artists and so so inspiring! You go on with your bad self gf!!!

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