FolkArt Glitter Tree Ornament and Christmas Contest

I know it’s the week before Halloween, but Plaid is having a holiday contest that I have to tell you about!  We’re celebrating the 12 Weeks of Christmas, and we hope you’ll celebrate with us.  Read about the contest and submit your project here!

In addition to holding a contest, we are featuring projects in fun holiday themes each week.  Week 2 was FolkArt Extreme Glitter, and designer Julie Lewis painted the beautiful sparkly tree ornament above (you can get the instructions here).  Come join the fun each week as we release new holiday projects at

2 Comments to “FolkArt Glitter Tree Ornament and Christmas Contest”

  1. How disappointing it is to come across a great contest such as this, and upon reading the rules seeing that it is only open to those who live in the USA. While I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but being from Canada, and an avid crafter for many many years, I know that Plaid products are widely available to us Canadians in our department, craft, and specialty stores. Seems to me that if you are able to export your products to other countries for us crafters to purchase and craft with, then you should also be able to open contests such as this to those of us in those other countries as well.

    • Debbie – Sending liquid items to single consumers in other countries has become increasingly difficult due to receiving country restrictions. We get many items returned after being delayed in customs for months. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it is much easier to ship large orders from a warehouse. Occasionally we do international contests, and when we do I will let you know.

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