Glitter Skeleton Wreath from the Dollar Store

I’m interrupting our reguarly scheduled programming since it’s the week before Halloween. I think we’re all in the Halloween mode, and I had to share a recently completed project with you that I just LOVE. I’m a huge fan of my friend Heather’s blog Dollar Store Crafts, and it’s always a fun challenge to head to my local Dollar Tree and see what I can come up with. I knew I wanted to do something Halloween-related and use FolkArt Extreme Glitter, but besides that, I had no idea what I was doing when I walked into the Dollar Tree. It was SO much fun, and this skull wreath resulted. Here’s how I did it.

Gather These Supplies

Here’s the skull loot. I got a big one too, for $1. Wasn’t sure if Iwould do anything with it. Hey, it’s only $1!

I spray painted everything black outside in a box. Normally I would paint my surface with FolkArt, but in this case it was plastic. I had to spray paint. Don’t forget to spray paint your wreath too.

Once the skull heads were dry, I painted them with black Extreme Glitter. I had a hard time with the brush. . .

So I switched to a small spouncer. MUCH better! The skull heads painted up quickly. Don’t forget to let them dry completely.

For this next step, cut the flower heads off of the plastic stems and discard the stems. Paint each flower petal with your fabric paint. You will need a few coats, so allow to dry between each coat before adding more paint. FolkArt Fabric is pretty thick and has great coverage, so I only had to do a few coats.

Hot glue your flowers all the way around your wreath. Only seven fit – that was just fine.

Add a large dab of hot glue into the middle of each flower, and then press the back of the skull head down. Allow to dry before you hang your wreath.

Can you believe how easy that was? This wreath didn’t take me very long at all, so I went back to my larger skull head and painted it purple . . .

I had already spray painted it black, but I had an idea. Since there was spray paint on the skull head, it was easy to paint over with FolkArt Acrylic.

I used Black AND Purple Extreme Glitter to make a fancy table decoration in addition to my wreath! I’m so happy with my skulls, and the projects were as easy as it gets. I encourage you to give yourself a dollar store challenge with Extreme Glitter, then share what you come up with in the comments!

9 Comments to “Glitter Skeleton Wreath from the Dollar Store”

  1. I grabbed your button 🙂 I have 3 blogs that i placed it on …really cute stuff you have to share

  2. what a really cool idea … i am enjoying your blog alot .

  3. It looks awesome!! I really like the purple flowers – they balance out the creepiness of the skulls! Love me some Extreme glitter, too!

  4. The glitter skulls are so cool!

  5. How cute……I love to find things to used from the $1 Store……this is just to cute…..and I probably wouldn’t have thought of this on my own… thank you…..this would be a really cute for the door…..or the house….especially if your having a party….

  6. This is a very cool idea! I love the way you were thrifty with your shopping and how you took a few inexpensive items and made Halloween decor that looks as if you bought it at Pier 1!

  7. This is so ingenuous. Congrats. Isn’t that Dollar Store the best.

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