Tuesday Huesday: Some Bright Organization

I’m going to be honest, what first drew me to this Women’s Day Easy Decorating magazine photo was the dala horse in the top left corner.  I LOVE dala horses, especially because when I see them they are typically painted so beautifully.  They add a touch of Scandanavian charm to any living space, and after all, I am Norwegian.  Once I got past the horsie in this pic, I realized that I love the color palette as well.  It’s so very “bright fall,” and I even added some fun greens (which you can see hints of in the photo) to go with it.  If you need to liven up a space and are inspired by autumn colors, I think this will do it for you.

This palette was created using FolkArt Acrylic colors (from left to right): Pure Orange, Red Light, Yellow Citron, Bright Green

2 Comments to “Tuesday Huesday: Some Bright Organization”

  1. great idea . I had never thought of doing this

  2. This is an awesome photo. Love the colors and vibrant feel. I’m hoping soon to change over to this pallette in my studio. Making coordinated storage items will be easy with a FolkArt acrylic selection. Love Plaid Enterprises. LOL

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