Feed the Birds – Collage with Painted Papers

Nancy Standlee Collage

When accomplished artist Nancy Standlee granted us an interview, we wanted to send her some Plaid products to try. She requested some of the Mod Podge Paper because it is acid free, and some acrylics.

Nancy shared a piece made with her new Plaid supplies, and her blog about it. You can read more about “Feed the Birds” on her blog.

5 Comments to “Feed the Birds – Collage with Painted Papers”

  1. Thanks, Katie and Barbara, Please try it as I think you will be surprised at your collage results. Go buy some scrapbook papers and make a few of your own using some Plaid acrylics. It’s easier to follow your design if you put down a base coat of color on your support and then collage over that. Let me know the results. Warning: little bits of paper will get all over your house!!

  2. Wow! Now that’s terrific! I went to her web site and it was amazing! Just love her work. Collage and mixed media.

  3. OMG is this beautiful. You’ve inspired me to put out my Mod Podge Paper and see what I can do. Thanks

  4. Thanks again for the interview and link and the Plaid supplies. I will enjoy using them in my painted paper collage.

  5. What a gorgeous bird collage!

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