Exciting New Release and Giveaway: Paint By Number

I just LOVE the vintage coolness of Plaid’s new Paint By Number program!  Paint by number was started in the 1950s, and there’s even an online museum.  It’s definitely making a comeback, and this Sunday’s giveaway allows you to get it on the action.  Plaid is giving away one complete paint by number kit in the Goldfinches pattern shown above.  It’s a 16″ x 20″ painting kit, complete with ALL of the colors.  No blending is required!  This pattern in particular is hard to find online, so good luck.

1. Sign up for Plaid’s RSS Feed or Subscribe to Emails.
2. Leave a comment saying that you did one of the above on THIS blog post.  Say anything else you like!
3. Contest will end this Friday, November 12th at midnight EST.
4. ONE winner will be selected by Random.org.

Last week’s winners of the Texture Paint were Helen Brown, Adeline Falk, Anne Pichette, Tanya and Ruth Walker.  All winners have been notified by e-mail.  Thanks for entering!

31 Responses to “Exciting New Release and Giveaway: Paint By Number”

  1. awww; i missed it. 😦 just read about it today; hosting a pbn exchange on my site if any are interested in joining in:

  2. I get your emails!

  3. This would be an awesome prize to win! Absolutely beautiful. I love paint by numbers! I subscribed to emails!

  4. I just subscribed by email. I would love to win this prize. I am one of the world’s biggest Paint by Number fans! In fact, I started a blog about it – ipaintbynumber.com. I’m going to post this contest to my blog! Good luck to everyone!

  5. OOoh, this is gorgeous! I am an email subscriber!

  6. I have already signed up on emails and “like” you on Facebook. Love, love Paint by Numbers, good childhood memories.

  7. I used to do these paint by numbers as a child. I paint, but It would be great fun to do those finches by number. I really enjoy your blog because I can always use some painting lessons. Thanks!!!!!

  8. I’m an email subscriber.
    I love Paint by Number! Plaid did a great job with the finches. Glad to see other subjects in PBN instead of the classic (and cheesy) puppies and horses.

  9. Hi! I happily signed up for your email offerings and can’t wait to see what goodness you’ll be sending me.

  10. I am an email subscriber!

  11. I am subscribed I am SUBSCRIBED! That’s how i found out about this post the other day 🙂
    Pick me Pick me!!!!!!! Love this, I used to do simple ones when I was a child, I remember being so proud of making an elf on a mushroom, it was so awesome!

  12. Wow! THAT’S a paint by number?
    I’d love to give it a shot!

    Already a subscriber…

  13. This is so nostalgic! I would love to win this, to work on with my Grand-kids. I even have one winter scene hanging in our living room wall collection one that my husband did when he was a young child. It was on plywood and now looks really antique. But since he is, I guess it really is too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Subscribed to the emails! Love this picture they are showing for the paint by # !!!

  15. I signed up for the subscription by emails. I also shred on twitter 🙂

  16. How cool! I just saw a tv show about “Paint by Numbers”, would love the opportunity to win. I am subscribed!

  17. I subscribe to emails. 🙂 These are fantastic! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  18. I am a RSS feed subscriber and have been for ahwile…I love your blog and all the wonderful ideas!
    I would love to paint by number again, I have fond childhood memories of painting by number.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Love this!!! Would love to have a chance to color her. I’ll be on the lookout for these at my craft store!!!

  20. I LOVE paint by number and would be thrilled to win! Thanks so much for the give away!

  21. I remember doing paint by number as a child! I think my mom still has the ones we painted. thanks for a chance to win. I follow in reader.

  22. Love the vintage look of this paint set!! Used to do these when I was a kid and now my 12 year old is hooked on them, would love to win this for her!

  23. I remember doing so many paint by number pictures in the late 60’s I finally run out of wall space to hang them all, I do wish I had kept them over the years , ahh!! hindsight. I love this goldfinch picture and would love to win it. I think the biggest paint by number I undertook was The Last Supper , it hung in my dining room for ages. JSharer417at aol dot com

  24. So happy to have found this blog! I signed up for the RSS feed. I love Paint By Numbers! ❤ What a darling picture.

  25. What a fun giveaway, I love paint by numbers! I signed up for your e-mails! 😀

  26. I can remember paint y numbers when I was little. they are fun and makes you feel like an artist ,even just for a little while 😀 Some comebacks you dont mind seeing.

  27. I’m in all the way. I love any kind of crafts they are a great stress relief. Ta.

  28. This is so pretty, and seems like a fun change in my painting! I resigned up for my emails today. If I don’t win, I look forward to when I can purchase them in the stores!

  29. Paint by number is my secret vice! I love it because as crazy as my life is, sometimes it’s fun to just be “told” what to do – creative-wise – and see something beautiful emerge from seemingly disparate instructions. Sort of like life sometimes! As someone who is always coming up with new creative ideas and projects, this is sort of like a little creative vacation for my brain. And I LOVE not having to blend! Sometimes I will just not get the same color no matter what I do!

    Just went and ordered three kits – they are all on backorder but that’s OK because just as I am thinking I wish I had something “good”, I will get a surprise in the mail! Thanks SO much for posting this!

  30. I really love paint by numbers! I have subscribe to emails even before this contest! Also I love the birds. Great picture and no blending is such a plus! To bad there can only be one winner!


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