Salon des Arts Décoratifs in Quebec

decorative painting

Belinda Harris, Consumer Affairs Manager at Plaid, was recently in Quebec teaching and exhibiting at Salon des Arts DécoratifsThis annual decorative painting expo is a hotbed of painting classes, exhibits, shows and contests.  Belinda said the event started off with a bang, “Wow, Canadians are starving to learn to paint.  There were over 800 people waiting in the hall ways, lobby and out the front door of the hotel to get into the showroom.”

 glass painting

In Belinda’s Tableau 3-D Dimensional Glass Painting class pictured above, 21 students paint on three stacked panes of glass with FolkArt Enamels. Belinda says that painters in the Montreal area are very enthusiastic, since most of the year there is snow!

tapestry painting

This class was “Tranquil Lighthouse at the Shore Tapestry Bell Pull”, where Belinda taught everyone how to paint a lighthouse and beach scene with FolkArt HD Paint on Roc-lon cloth. The class sessions are taught in French, so Belinda had an interpreter.

Belinda noted that Canadian style is more of a fine art look, “They paint on wood, ceramics, tin, fabric and much more.  Texture, antiquing, stenciling using texture, glimmer, crackling and decoupage with painting on top are the hottest trends…..texture, texture, texture.”

3 Comments to “Salon des Arts Décoratifs in Quebec”

  1. Gisele,

    Wished I could have met you! I had such a great time. I LOVE Canada…….and I working on new jpaintings for next year!

    • I wish I could met you too! We would of had a blast together. Maybe next year, we could meet. Check out my web-site, and you can see alot of the things I make and sell.

      Looking forwards to meeting you!

  2. I went to this fabulous gathering. It was awesome!!! I was in paradise, learning all types of new things. I spent a fortune, but well worth it. I can’t wait for next year. I will take classes next time.

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