Technique Thursday: Holiday Ornaments with Metallics

Have you ever tried FolkArt Metallics?  Last year’s holiday season didn’t involve any metallics for me, but this year I’m embracing shine.  Let me tell you – I’ve jumped in with both feet.  I love metallics, and FolkArt Metallics are *very* shiny.  I use them in moderation (accents), just because that’s how I roll, but you could paint an entire project with them if you wanted to.  If you’re interested, I suggest you watch this Candie Cooper video done for Plaid that will show you how to complete a fun mini-crown ornament and add metallic accents.  The results are simple but stunning!

2 Comments to “Technique Thursday: Holiday Ornaments with Metallics”

  1. Love it – can’t wait to make one for everyone in our family for the tree!!!! Would also like directions for the santa in the chimney, the santa (I think can only see legs) on the wall, hurricane glass and sunflower bird house!!!!!

  2. How cute!!!! My Granddaughter would so love to do this….what a fun project for the whole family….they could each do one for themselves…..awesome idea…..thank you for sharing…..

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