Simply Screen Kits Are Here – And a Giveaway!

Plaid is excited to release new Simply Screen kits in select WalMart stores this week – create your own screenprinted t-shirt or fabric accessory in a matter of minutes!  If you haven’t heard of Simply Screen, it’s a cool new way to silkscreen a design;  it’s easy for a beginner and there’s a lot less mess than regular silkscreening.  Learn more about Simply Screen here!

To celebrate the new release, we’re giving away one of each of the kits you see above: Peace, Rock ‘n Roll, Dream, Skull and Alphabet.  If you don’t want to wait or know someone that needs a great gift, head to  your local WalMart to grab one!

1. Sign up for Plaid’s RSS Feed or Subscribe to Emails.
2. Leave a comment saying that you did one of the above on THIS blog post. Tell me what you would do with this kit!
3. Contest will end this Friday, November 26th at midnight EST.
4. FIVE winners will be selected by

Last week’s winners of the second paint by number giveaway was Lisa Martin. All winners have been notified by e-mail. Thanks for entering!

52 Comments to “Simply Screen Kits Are Here – And a Giveaway!”

  1. i have subscribed by email I would love to win this so i can do more crafts with my daughter thanks.

  2. I subscribed to your emails. I would give this as a gift to my friend who loves to make T-shirts.

  3. OMG!!………….I have to have this!! I am making t-shirts for all my neices for X-mas. This would help me out so much!…….LOL

  4. I subscribe – and I would make gifts with this kit

  5. I subscribed to your newsletter. Me and my daughter would play together and make tee for fun.

  6. I subscribe through emails. I have 2 nieces who are just the right age to really enjoy this set.

  7. I have been a plaid follower for a while now….GREAT new product….doesnt folk art have a textile medium that ppl can try too…..I believe it makes whatever paint you use textile friendly…….which would open things up to extreme glitter!!! its all about the BLING baby!!

    • Hi there Michelle! Yes, FolkArt has a textile medium which can be added to paint – it works great. Simply Screen is a different formula, but both are awesome! Unfortunately the textile medium won’t work with Extreme Glitter, it’s a different formula all together. The glitter will eventually come out. But there is an adhesive/glitter combo you can do with Simply Screen. Check it out! Thanks girl!

  8. I receive your emails, which is how I heard about this contest.

    If I win, I will use the Simply Screen kit in my classroom with my Crafts class. They would love it!

  9. I subscribed to emails and I would try this out with my TWINS!! 😀

  10. Just subscribed to emails — thanks! Will use the Simply Screen kit to make shirts for my tween daughter and her two bff’s. Their nicknames are DorkFish, DorkShark, and DorkOrca. Happy Holidays!

  11. I am subscribed to your newsletter. I would give them as Christmas gifts to my grandchildren.

  12. Initially when I saw this post it didn’t grab my attention; I don’t know any teenaged girls to give it to. But, when I noticed one design has a skull, I thought my son might find it amusing. If we start with a black t-shirt, this could look pretty cool. I subscribe to your emails.

  13. i have signed up to recieve ur emails-my 4 year old would love using this kit and would make the holidays more enjoyable for her as she loves to craft with mommy

  14. i sub and look forward to it every morning! we do a lot of tie dying around here and i can see us doing this, too. i would loove to try a bag..what a great gift idea or project to do at a party

  15. I am already an email subscriber. These kits look like so much fun. I do believe I’ll be giving these as gifts to several people on my list, if I can find them!

  16. I subscribed to the email newsletter and I did visit the Wall Mart but didn’t have enough money at the time to get one of these kits. I love to craft but right now I’m out of work. Would be really great if I could get this. It would give me an opportunity to make some money to help out my financial situation. I could use my photos(seen on and turn them into prints.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  17. We have a lot of slumber parties and this would be a great activity for the girls & their friends!

  18. I forgot to put in my last post that I subscribe to your email!

  19. I love doing crafts w/ my 2 daughters and we would love trying this out over Christmas break!

  20. I’m a feed subscriber! And I would totally make adorable t= shirts for my litte nieces if I’m one of the lucky ducks!

  21. These look great! My 9yo and 7yo daughters will love these!

  22. Signed up for the e-mails!

  23. Signed up for your rss feed through google reader. I almost would love to keep this for myself and mess around but I think my nieces would enjoy it immensely and so would my boys if they had more of a selection for them. But it would help give them the basic ideas on how to get started. Thank you for the opportunity!

  24. I have subscribed to email
    I have been looking for an easy way to screen print for years! I have so many ideas for me and my kids and all our friends! But it’s so hard to be able to do it and so many supplies to buy! Thank you so much for creating this so we can all create together 🙂

  25. Signed up for their email list. I would make cute shirts for my son.

  26. I signed up for e-mail. My daughters would love these kits – I may just have to force myself to go to Walmart as they would make great Holiday gifts

  27. I’m signed up for your feed.

  28. I did an RSS feed. excited to try this out!

    Happy crafts and holidays 🙂

  29. I’m an email subscriber. I would love to try this out with my 12 year old daughter. We both love doing crafts together. Thanks!

  30. I’m EMAIL SUBSCRIBER. My daughter is 10 years old and she ‘ll love this. She is always looking to make something and this will keep her busy!!!

  31. I subscribed to your email. I have 2 girls that have lots of slumber parties and would love to try this out for some parties!

  32. i subscribed by email. i belong to a group of BMX racers, I would love to make them personalized t-shirts for their races.

  33. I am an email subscriber! I have 2 granddaughters- 12 & 13, they will luv a screen-printed t-shirt!

  34. I subscribed through email some time ago. I love it. I would love to try the Simply Screen. I have been trying to find a craft that would be good for working with groups and this seems like it might be a good one.

    Good Luck to everyone~~~ Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!!!

  35. I have 5 kids, all of whom would LOVE this!! My oldest daughter is 14, and an amazing little artist and way into her own personalized style. I could see hours of fun for us with this!! I have signed up for RSS feed.

  36. This would make my life sooooo much easier. I have made mountains of shirts for family and friends and the alphabet screen print kit would make them better, nicer and longer lasting.
    I never win any of these blog giveaways but I really hope I get the alphabet one, I will wear it out using it so much.

  37. I so want to try this!!! Oh I do hope you pick me!!!! Please! I have been a follower (thru google reader – I hope that counts?) forever!

  38. My cousin would love this!

  39. I am an e-mail subscriber!!! This looks like it’s so much fun!!!!

  40. I subscribe to emails.
    I would give this kit to my daughter for Christmas!

  41. I’m an email subscriber 🙂 These kits look like sooooo much fun! I would love to do these with my daughter and her friends at her next birthday party! The kids would have a great time and get a really fun party favor!

  42. I subscribed to the RSS feed! I’d be so happy if I could donate this to my Angel Tree angel for Christmas. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck to all! 🙂

  43. I teach middle school and high school art. This would be a project to try in the art room!

  44. I have signed up for the RSS feed. These look like a lot of fun!

  45. I subscribed to the e-mails!!!! I am sooo excited! Everything I have used from Plaid has been wonderful! If I won the kit- I would use it to host a teen craft night with my youth group teens! They love anything creative!

  46. I subscribe to the RSS feed! these look like a great idea for an easy way to try “screenprinting” with kids! how fun! i am sure me and my 4 little girls would have a BLAST using these kits! i’ll have to check out our walmart!

  47. I am subscribed to emails. Would love to try this out with my neice! Thanks 🙂

  48. i have 2 daughter who would love to try this new kit out!!! I follow on facebook and the feed…

  49. I’ve signed up for the RSS feed. I would love to try this out on some things for my kids. Although I wish there were more boy designs because I really think my 7 year old would love this but there isn’t much for him.

  50. I have a goddaughter who is 14 and loves to craft. We have craft get together days when I have a project or two and all the supplies ready and we craft the day away. She is such a creative young lady and I enjoy our time together so much. We would have a blast doing the Simply Screen Kit!!!

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