Make it Monday: Festive Metallic Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving is this week!  Did you remember to get everything you need for a delicious dinner?  I hope you didn’t forget pumpkin pie.  That is my favorite.  You may have forgotten table decorations because you were so focused on the edibles, but never fear.  We’ve got some inspiration for you!  Using FolkArt Metallics with a craft pumpkin and a few other supplies, you can create a beautiful fall centerpiece in just a few hours.  Here’s how to do it.

Gather These Supplies
• Cemetery vase (9.7” x 2.9”) from Michaels
• 6” Craft pumpkin – Celebrate It from Michaels
• FolkArt Acrylic Paints – Metallic Antique Copper, Metallic Pure Gold, Metallic Solid Bronze
• Mod Podge Gloss
• Paintbrushes – medium and large flat
• Spouncers (round foam stencilbrushes): 30mm and 1/4”
• Foam plate for paints
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Craft knife
• Hot glue gun
• 6” wide gold tulle netting
• Mini crow – Celebrate It from Michaels
• Imitation leaves and floral stems


Preparation: Remove all labels from surface before painting. Hair dryer on low heat setting may be used to speed drying of paint products.

1. Use Craft knife to cut stem of pumpkin near the base.

2. Secure end of cemetery vase into foam of open stem area.
3. Apply a coat of ModPodge as sealer over pumpkin and vase to aid with adhesion of paints, painting top 2” inside of vase; let dry.

4. Use Antique Copper to paint vase and inner 2” of vase; let dry.
5. Use Pure Gold to paint pumpkin; let dry.

6. Use 30mm spouncer dipped into Antique Copper on plate to paint random dot pattern on pumpkin; let dry.
7. Use ¼” spouncer dipped into Solid Bronze to paint small dots around larger dot pattern; let dry.
8. Use ¼” spouncer dipped into Pure Gold to paint dots on center of large dots; let dry.

9. Apply a coat of ModPodge as sealer over painted pumpkin and vase; let dry.

10. Cut twelve 6” lengths of tulle net. Tie knot in center of each length. Fold pieces in half by pulling ends and knot at same time.
11. Use glue gun to glue knots of tulle around pumpkin, over area at base of vase and stem of pumpkin.

12. Refer to photo and glue crow clip to upper side of pumpkin front.
13. Fill vase with fall pick arrangement or fresh Fall leaves/flowers.

Now go and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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