Tuesday Huesday: A Handknit Stocking Christmas

I have a funny stocking story for you.  I have four brothers, and they are all younger (yes, I know, I’m a saint) – we all had the exact same stocking handknitted by my grandmother, and each had our name at the top.  They were all the same pattern, so they were all the same length; my grandmother was pretty consistent in her knitting.

At some point I decided that the size of the stocking corresponded to the amount of gifts received, so I started to stretch mine.  I would step on the toe end and PULL up at the top.  I’d do this every night, and I did it for a few years.  Over time my stocking started hanging way lower than anyone else’s – the only problem was, I didn’t get any more gifts than my brothers.  NUTS!!  My plan was foiled.  It’s still funny to see the stockings hanging up at my parents’ house, with mine dangling lower than anyone else’s.  This picture of handmade stockings reminded me of that time in my life, and it’s a great Christmas memory.  The colors are very similar to the ones in my childhood stocking, so I hope you enjoy.

This color palette was created using FolkArt Acrylic colors (from left to right): Winter White, Calico Red, Bright Green, Holly Leaf

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