Gallery Glass Kit Giveaway!

Have you ever tried Gallery Glass?  So many people don’t know what it does, and therefore don’t know how COOL it really is!  Gallery Glass gives you the beautiful look of traditional stained glass but without the high price tag.  No cutting, grinding or soldering, and the paint is waterbase (so you can use it with children).  Gallery Glass is nothing short of awesome, and the Santa ornament, Gingerbread jar gift and Snowmen cling are just a a sampling of what you can do with it. 

Our very own Carol Smith has actually developed a blog devoted to Gallery Glass and it’s called Gallery Glass Class!  Carol has tons of original designs and free patterns so you can Gallery Glass craft to your heart’s content.  She’s constantly updating her blog, and her enthusiasm for glass crafting is hard to deny.  In fact, Carol is donating this week’s giveaway:

TEN people will win ALL of what you see above – seven bottles of 8 oz. Gallery Glass with one 8 oz. bottle of Liquid Leading, and then a Radiant Suncatchers & Clings kit with a book, blanks and a suncatcher!  I guess Carol is feeling generous since it’s the Christmas season?  Here’s how to win.

1. Sign up as a follower on Gallery Glass Glass.
2. Leave a comment saying that you did the above on THIS blog post. Tell me what you would do with these materials!
3. Contest will end this Friday, December 3rd at midnight EST.
4. TEN winners will be selected by

Last week’s winners of the Simply Screen Kit were Deborah, Laura, Merriam, Jen and Carla Gray. All winners have been notified by e-mail. Thanks for entering!

45 Comments to “Gallery Glass Kit Giveaway!”

  1. I have saved your blog url and became a follower.

  2. I am a follower!! I would use the kit to make some suncatchers with my boys!! I think they would love it!!!

  3. ck out my website on shutterfly above to see that I already had made a special page just FOR gallery glass! I love it! have used it since the ’90’s! I did my bedroom windows, a border on a kitchen window, my french doors…my sidelight….I told Hobby Lobby customers about you last xmastime….and if you look at me on , you’ll see more about you! I would LOVE to have your products—I am your biggest fan…and I have LOVED watching Carol on tv! I even have her videocassette!

  4. I signed up. I would use these to make some seasonal suncatchers for my daughters window.

  5. THANK YOU for sharing this link, I am now following and have made quite a shopping list for my trip to my fav craft store tonight! Even shared on my blog!

  6. I became a follower of Gallery Glass Class blog. I would love to make a variety of items including sun catchers and Christmas ornaments . Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  7. I signed up for Gallery Glass Class. I received a bunch of paints as a present from someone who knows that I love to paint but did not know I never used GG paint before. This looks like a great spot to learn a new way to paint, and If I could do those beautiful stained glass featured on Carol’s website, I would be a very happy woman indeed….

  8. I have become a follower of Gallery Glass. I would love to make my mother some decorative candle holders

  9. I follow – I would make gifts for my family with this kit

  10. I’m a follower of Gallery Glass. If I WIN I will have a kids ornament party/ cookie party with my kids and a couple of their friends. Than ks forthe opportunity to enter!!!
    best regards,

  11. I too am a follower. If I win, I will teach my 7 yr grade son this new craft It’s safer and easier for children. Thanks for the give away

  12. I became a follower. She has beautiful creations. I was thinking what beautiful Christmas ornaments I could make for gifts.

  13. I became a follower on Gallery Glass Class (under the name buckskinbelle) and glad I did! I had no idea this product could do such amazingly real looking stained glass. I would love to make stained glass items for gifts. That is what I do with most of my crafting. I enjoy giving away a little part of me. I have a lot of ideas!!!

  14. I joined as a Gallery Glass follower. If I win, I will share the materials and train my Crafts class at Butler High School.

  15. I just became a follower of Gallery Glass Class! I don’t know if I could pull them off, but I’d love to make a lot of the projects I saw there!! 🙂

  16. I signed up to follow on GFC. I’d like to make some tabletop birthday decorations.

  17. I am now a follower! I would make a large stained glass window display with a butterfly theme. The rest would be glass XMAS ornaments to hang in the window!

  18. I’m a follower! I would paint these and then give them as gifts! Too cute!

  19. I am following!!!!! I am so excited to hear about this product! I design for an acrylic company and really think this would make amazing projects using the cast acrylic!!!! Thanks for the chance…now pick me!!!!!!

  20. I’m already a follower of Gallery Glass Class blog. I wish I lived near your shop because I’d definitely be attending your classes. The kit you’re offering would be second to your class!!

  21. Signed up as a follower of Gallery Glass. I’ve done a number of small projects over the years. Those gorgeous holiday poster framed pieces Carol Smith designed will get me back into it on a grand scale. What a great surface to use.

  22. I am now following Gallery Glass Class. I would definitely have to make a few of those Christmas decos.

  23. I am now a follower of Gallery Glass! I have tried my hand at glass painting in the past- but my results were not as beautiful as the examples shown on the Gallery Glass site! I would love to try glass painting again with the help of the kit being offered- I lead a craft night at church an am always looking for something new to share with others! Thanks for offering this kit!

  24. I became a follower of Gallery Glass. Now I want to try these. They look so fun. I think I would like to try a Christmas wreath first. Then keep going for all the holidays. Just keeping the windows decorated all year sounds like so much fun. Hope I win.

  25. Signed up as a follower on Gallery Glass – what a cool site! I would use this kit to learn a new craft – always itching to try something new!


  26. i have become a follower of this blog and i would use this kit with my 4year old daughter to make christmas pressies for the family. great giveaway

  27. I GLADLY signed up to follow the Gallery Glass Class Blog. I’ve been using Gallery Glass since ’97!! Made several pieces over the years. Frankly, I’m running out of supplies! lol Also, I’m unemployed right now, so money is tight. I’d could really use these to continue making these wonderful items for friends and family.Right now in the front window I have several Gallery Glass clings and two acetate panels. You can never have enough of this.Wish I had more windows!

  28. I just became a follower on Gallery Glass. I would love to make something for my sidelights by the front door with Gallery Glass.

  29. Just signed up as a follower on Gallery Glass Class! If I win I will give it to my sister for Christmas ~ she loves making fun things!!

  30. I signed up as a follower on Gallery Glass Glass. I have been dying to try this on an old mirror. I also tweet this 🙂

  31. I’m a follower of Gallery Glass Class. I’d love to try making some Christmas ornaments with this. I’d also like to see what sorts of abstract ornaments my 3yr old could paint with it- great gift for the grandparents.

  32. are you kidding? I worship at the alter of the Gallery Glass Priestess Carol Smith I have nearly every GG book published and even almost every Great Glass book that was published…..its a beautiful artform…..this kit could be used to do some very nice Christmas gifts……

  33. I’m a follower of Gallery Glass Blog. I would like to more Christmas Ornaments with Gallery Glass Paints. I did so I few years ago and I miss it.


  34. I am know a follower of Gallery Glass Class and I think I know what I would do with these, I would go to town make some pretties….I have seen these before and they look like the would be tons of fun just in time for the holidays. I have always loved Stained Glass and this would be much more in my budget. Thanks for the giveaway and have a great week. Happy Holidays!

  35. Following on Twitter. This method would be so much easier to make and design “stained glass” items than the traditional method. I would love to experiment with them!

  36. Well, I have an idea I got from Anthropologie catalog of bowls with translucent paint splatters. I am pretty sure I can do it with these paints, so I hope I win!

  37. I love gallery glass and have done a picture window and a full glass front door plus many smaller projects. I am a follower and have always loved Carol Smith and loved watching her on TV

  38. I just signed up to be a follower and I am so glad I did. I love what you have done with glass. If I were to win I would do the stained glass just like you have done and hopefully get as good as you are. You do such beautiful work. Who would thing that this is not stained glass. I so enjoy a chance to win, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  39. I just became a follower just has you said which i am so glad i did. It is awesome how you do this. If I were to win I believe I would enjoy painting glass as you do, and that is exactly what I would do with the merchanidise if I was to win. You have beautiful stuff you have made. Please keep up with the great job you are doing.

  40. Following Gallery Glass Class! What an awesome resource! I really want to do my front windows by the door.

  41. I signed up for the Gallery Glass feed. I like working with Gallery Glass and am always looking for new patterns to work on. This kit would be a great addition to the GG items I already have. Right now, of course, i would use the GG items to make Christmas decorations and gifts. I’ve got a bunch of clear glass ball ornaments that are just crying out to be decorated with Gallery Glass!

  42. I have become a follower of Gallery Glass. I would try and make some Christmas ornaments, so pretty!

  43. I already follow Gallery Glass, love it. I love the beautiful colors!!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  44. I became a follower of Gallery Glass Class blog. She has some very cute ideas. I have not ever seen gallery glass before. Looks like it’s something I could do. Cool stuff.

  45. I am now a follower of Gallery Glass Class and LOVE Gallery Glass. It’s been a few years since I have used it. My kitchen windows (huge paneled palladium ones) could use a lil’ summin’ summin’. Some added privacy, and the look of real stained glass, who could ask for more? I’m thinking Tiger Lilies.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

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