Tuesday Huesday: Dazzling Metallic Candles

I’m guessing you are like me and getting a boatload of catalogs in the mail right now.  Before I did this Tuesday Huesday posting on a weekly basis, I simply looked through catalogs and thought about what I would buy if I had a big house and all the money in the world.  I still do the same thing, but now I really notice colors and how they work together.  When I happened upon this ad for candles and holders in Crate and Barrel, I loved the bright, metallic hues.  The shimmery is pretty wonderful, and here are the colors that I pulled out.  They are gorgeous metallics, and just work so well together.

This palette was created using FolkArt Metallic colors (from left to right): Regal Red, Amethyst, Peridot, Royal Gold and Blue Topaz

2 Comments to “Tuesday Huesday: Dazzling Metallic Candles”

  1. It is an inspiration and makes me want to go out and buy every color. I love glitz but have not added much to my home. Just the same, old, boring walls. Got to make changes, right.

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!

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