Make It Monday: Create with a Spool Trend

There’s a wooden spool trend out there right now, and I’m liking it.  Spools aren’t typically made of wood anymore (I miss the pioneer days!), but there are so many used ones at thrift stores and flea markets that you can find them if you need to.  You can also get new ones at any craft store, and then you can make projects like the angel ornament above.  Here are some other spool projects I found.

Martha Stewart (in her infinite wisdom) uses spools as the “trunks” of these paper evergreens.

This vintage spool ornament is by Flickr user Lindsay Duranceau.  She used those cute little painted characters you can get for about $3 – and you get a full box of them.

A spool makes a great handle for a stamp, don’t you think?  Maximum Rabbit Designs actually used a plastic one for this project.  Yay!  I’m glad it’s not just wooden spools.  I can picture these buttons stamped in red and green for some holiday flair.

So what spool projects are you seeing, holiday or otherwise?


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