Make a Snow Reindeer Wood Block

There are so many good projects to be had this holiday season – so many incorporating tons of paint!  I’m loving wood blocks as home decor, and I especially love distressed wood blocks.  The technique is simple, and the results are awesome.  A wood block like this doesn’t take long to make, and adds a definite something special to your table or mantle decor.  Here’s how to make one for yourself; we’ve even included a pattern for this one.

Gather These Supplies

FolkArt Acrylic Colors – Fresh Foliage, Licorice, Sky Blue, Wicker White
Large wood block or piece of lumber cut into block
Wax (old candle)
Hot glue gun
#10 Flat brush
Small round brush
Red ribbon – scrap
FolkArt Artists’ Varnish Gloss

1. Basecoat block with Wicker White, let dry.

2. Rub wax along all edges of block.

3. Paint each side of block color shown in photo, let dry.

4. Enlarge pattern to fit your surface if needed.  Apply patterns to block with chalk and paint following photo for color. Let dry.

5. Use small round brush to write ‘Joy’.

6. Sand edges of block where was was applied to create distressed look.
7. Varnish with Gloss sealer, let dry.
8. Add ribbon on deer as shown.

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