TGIF Project: Hanging Holiday Tray Display

I’ve been in search of some last minute Christmas decorations that could stay up after the big day – you know, those projects that don’t scream “Santa” or “gifts.”  A beautiful winter project that was indicative of the general season.  Plaid Designer Kinda Boroff did this holiday project using Liquid Leaf, and it completely meets my criteria.  Liquid Leaf is completely awesome.  It gives any project a rich, metallic luster like no other paint out there – it really makes the product looks like it’s made of a metal!  You can hang this tray display and you don’t even have to take it down after the big day. The magnets also give it a level of fun functionality. Hang some of your favorite photos or cards from the holiday season. Here’s how to make one just like it.

Gather These Supplies

Liquid Leaf – Classic Gold, Copper
FolkArt Acrylic Paint
– Engine Red, Wicker White
Set of 3 tin trays – if you don’t want the magnets, you can use wood
¾” round magnets – 4
Glitter snowflake stickers – 4
Silver glitter
Gold glitter
White felt – 1 piece
Hot glue gun
Red satin fabric cut 2” wide
Pinking shears
Transfer paper and stylus or pencil

1. Basecoat the trays with Classic Gold. Make sure to completely follow the usage instructions on the Liquid Leaf bottle  Allow to fully dry.

2. Trace the words on the trays (grab the pattern at the end of this post) and paint with Engine Red. Add snow to the tops of the letters with Wicker White. Apply silver glitter before the Wicker White paint dries.

3. Using Copper, paint the branches of the berry sprays. Add a dot of Classic Gold to the end of the branches for a berry and sprinkle with gold glitter.

4. Attach the snowflake stickers to the magnets.

5. Trace the bird pattern on the white felt, cut and glue to the trays as shown.

6. With the piece of cute fabric, tie a bow. With the extra length, hot glue the trays onto the bow as shown.

Complete Pattern (enlarge to fit your surface):

5 Comments to “TGIF Project: Hanging Holiday Tray Display”

  1. What a great idea. I love having something that I can keep up after the holidays. It feels so empty when you take the tree down.

  2. This is so cool!

  3. I just love the way you done that. Keep up the great job.

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