Make It Monday: Christmas Joy Vase

Did you know that you can make a beautiful Christmas decoration out of an old spaghetti sauce jar?  You can – and you can do it with FolkArt Enamels!  They paint beautifully on glass and are very durable.  Plaid designer Kirsten Jones used them to create this fun and whimsical Christmas vase.  Use it to display a sprig of holly or evergreen.  It really brightens up a table and adds holiday cheer.  Here’s how to make this project. 

Gather These Supplies

FolkArt Enamel Colors – Calypso Sky, Engine Red, Fresh Foliage, Licorice, Wicker White
Glass jar (spaghetti sauce is perfect size)
Page of sheet music
Painter’s tape
Assorted ribbon
#2 Flat brush
Sharpie Marker – Black

1. Tape off area as shown. Paint area Licorice and let dry (the sheet music is inside so that you can see the painting).

2. Print out the pattern and tape inside the jar.  Trace the pattern with chalk.

3.  Using the finished photo as reference, paint in the elements of  the pattern. Paint with a dry brush (no water).  Do not completely cover the black on the background; the black showing through gives a whimsical look and makes the design more fun!

4. Remove tape and add black and white checks around painted design square, let dry.

5. Using Sharpie Marker add details and word ‘Joy’.

To finish your project, add the sheet music and tie ribbon around the ridge of the jar.  If you choose to keep the sheet music inside, you cannot add water, just dried branches.  Otherwise you can take the sheet music out and make it a real vase!  Happy Holidays!

4 Comments to “Make It Monday: Christmas Joy Vase”

  1. That was a really neat idea. I would have never thought about something like this. It is very cute.

  2. awe (insert light bulb here) tape on the inside! love that

  3. what a FANTASTIC idea

  4. Love this!!!

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