Make it Monday: Distressed Snowman Spindle

It’s finally cold here in Georgia, which probably has many of you laughing because you’ve already been experiencing winter for awhile.  Are you looking for a craft project to brighten up those winter blues?  How about a snowman spindle painted with Apple Barrel!  I love him because he’s colorful and cheery, and he adds the perfect touch to a side table or centerpiece.  He’s also a true budget craft, because Plaid designer Kirsten Jones reclaimed a wood spindle and already had paints on hand – so she didn’t spend $1 to make him.  If you are looking for pieces of scrap wood to use as painted surfaces, try a brand new subdivision with houses under construction.  Always ask first though!  Here’s how our friendly snowman is made.

Gather These Supplies

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint – Black, Mango, Pear, Pool Blue, Regency Blue
Reclaimed wood spindle
Large wood ball
Wax (old candle)
Scrap fabric or wool for scarf
Buttons – 3 coordinating
Hot glue gun
#10 Flat Brush
Artist Varnish Gloss
Black marker

Cut spindle to desired height and glue wood ball on top for head. Paint Black and let dry.

Rub wax onto all edges of spindle.

Paint over wax with colors shown in photo. Let dry.

Sand lightly, removing paint where there was wax and creating the distressed finish.

Time for finishing touches! Cut fabric or wool to desired length and tie around neck, creating scarf.  Add buttons with hot glue.  Paint your toothpick with Mango; drill a hole in the front of snowman’s face and insert with glue. If you don’t have a drill, simply break the toothpick and adhere the flat side to the face with a small dab of hot glue.  Add varnish and let dry, then add eyes and mouth using a black marker.

One Comment to “Make it Monday: Distressed Snowman Spindle”

  1. this is awesome. i love to plant things black first to sand like that. love it!

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