A Site You Should Know: Art is Fun!

If you are here, then I’m assuming you have an interest in paint – since that’s what we’re all about!  I wanted to point your attention to a site I found: Art is Fun!  Thaneeya, creator of the site, started Art is Fun because she kept getting questions from readers on her personal art website asking how to begin to paint.  I particularly like the acrylic paint section and her sample paintings (like the abstract art above).  Your favorite Plaid brands FolkArt and Apple Barrel happen to be acrylic, and can be used to create many of the works on Art is Fun.  Take a peek at the site when you have a chance; I particularly like Thaneeya’s instruction on how to paint abstract art found here.

2 Comments to “A Site You Should Know: Art is Fun!”

  1. Your Art is Fun link is wrong. It should be http://www.art-is-fun.com/
    You have an extra http// in yours.

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