A Tour of Plaid’s CHA 2011 Winter Trade Show Booth

There’s so much going on at the Craft & Hobby Association’s Winter 2011 trade show that it’s hard to capture everything – but let’s start with a tour of our home base! We pulled out all of the stops this year and went crazy featuring projects with your favorite Plaid product.  There are large display units with vignettes ranging from Denim Destruction (our new fashion product) to Learn to Paint (painting has never been easier!).  We’re also very excited about our Social Media-Craft TV-PlaidOnline side of the booth – our digital media covers one whole aisle!  The display is pretty amazing and makes a big impact.  Cathie and Steve are demoing a frame and promoting their new series on Plaid Craft TV (click to see a preview!)  Without further adieu, here are some photos from the show floor.

Cathie and Steve getting ready for a long day of making frames – they are always happy!

Hot Glue Gun Helpers – great tools for working with hot glue.  No more burnt fingers, and easy cleanup.  What could be better?

Plaidies Michael and Andrea on the first day.  Fresh faces that will be tired soon . . .

The Plaid sales team is ready to go – good morning Rachel and Becky!

Candie Cooper is ready for her make and take.  Will you make me a necklace?

You should know that before CHA officially begins, there is a bagpipe band that walks through the aisles.  Let’s get this road on the show!

Check out this gorgeous ice blue chandelier on the metallics display!  It made quite a statement.

On the other side is a collection of frames featuring FolkArt Metallics – I love the black and cream.  Stunning.

I LOVE the birdhouses at the FolkArt Outdoor display.  I never get tired of them – they are timeless.

That birdhouse plaque has a clock face as an embellishment – brilliant.  I also love the birdhouse on a stand.

Glass painting is fun, fun, fun!  Note the glass blocks with the Christmas lights.  Need to make a few of those.

On the other side of the FolkArt Enamels booth was a huge “cupcake” display of painted glass ornaments.  Could you be any cuter?

One picture wasn’t enough when there were so many pretty colors!  FolkArt Extreme Glitter for glass is coming soon.

Looking to silkscreen a t-shirt – with your own design?  Simply Screen by Plaid releases its new DIY screen kit.

Lots of fun new stockings, ornaments and Christmas decor from Bucilla.

These Bucilla bottle toppers made me squeal with delight.  You must know by now how I love dressing inanimate objects.  And dogs.

Mod Podge has been around forever – and it’s continually making old new again.  Thrift store finds were given new life and and 70s kitchen theme for our decoupage display.

Why pay a gajillion dollars for distress and tattered denim when you can do it yourself?  The new Denim Destruction distressing kit with get you the $200 look for a lot less.

Did you know that Plaid makes jewelry?  Yes, we have a wide variety of lines in a wide variety of styles.

A gorgeous display of bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Sometimes your jeans need a little something extra special and non-permanent.  Pocket Change is new from Plaid . . . add embellishments to your pockets with a simple clip.  Change the design depending on your mood!

That’s all for today, but I’m not even close to scratching the surface.  I haven’t even finished with the Plaid booth, much less visited the rest of the show!  There is so much amazing stuff here you wouldn’t believe it.  Check back tomorrow for more news directly from the show floor.


7 Responses to “A Tour of Plaid’s CHA 2011 Winter Trade Show Booth”

  1. I love that blue chandelier…do you know where I could get one? Is it wooden?

  2. everything looks great…but plaid should talk to the powers that be at CHA and let them know that they missed a huge market by not setting a day for the general public….i really wanted to go like i did last year

  3. ahhhh, I’m loving it all, but I’m very excited about the DIY silk screen kit. So weird, I was thinking the other day how I wish that were out there and was gonna google it. 🙂 Woo hoo, you’ve made it easy for me!

  4. Can’t wait to see all the new product hit the stores and love my glitter. Wow what a line up.


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