Hot Glue Gun Helpers Top 20 Finalist for CHA Innovations

I know you’ve heard of Hot Glue Gun Helpers by Cathie and Steve.  No?  They are only the coolest tools for using hot glue without those nasty burns!  Cathie and Steve brought the tools to Plaid and they are now available at the HGGH Etsy Shop.  I’d also love for you to watch a video about these awesome tools here.

The exciting news about HGGH is that they in the TOP 20 finalists for the CHA Innovations Award!  As the name suggests, this prestigious honor is awarded to the most innovative product of the winter show as determined by a panel of judges.  For the nomination Cathie and Steve had to set up a table and give a 60-second presentation in front of a group of CHA press and bigwigs.  Then they had 40 minutes to show off how the HGGH works at their station.  It’s a lot of pressure, but Cathie and Steve handled it like champs (of course).

Steve and Cathie setting up the table.  Presentation is everything!

Look at everything you can make with hot glue and Plaid product – like this frame and candleholder.

Hot glue is invaluable for making jewelry.

Altered album and home decor.

Altered art and canvases (my fave).

The world thanks Cathie and Steve for no more hot glue burns!

All set up – the display looks amazing!  Good luck to Cathie and Steve.  Bring home the gold!  We’ll announce their results this weekend, and look for more show reporting over the next few days.

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