More of Plaid’s Booth at Winter CHA 2011

Angela and Chris love Extreme Glitter!
Did you think we were done with the booth tour? Not even close! The Plaid booth was big and busy, which are two things we love to be during trade show! Here’s more of our fabulous displays, starting with Angela Anderson and Chris Williams hamming it up at the Plaid Extreme Glitter make-and-take station.  How did these girls manage to keep their cheery smiles all day?  Only they know the secret . . .

Plaid Easy to Paint Display
Plaid’s Easy to Paint program makes painting simple with rub-on patterns and easy to follow instructions. Think you can do it? You can!

Check out these gorgeous Easy to Paint projects by Chris Williams. Beautiful results ARE achievable with Easy to Paint.

Bucilla’s Heirloom Collection has some awesome cross-stitch works of art.

Speaking of Bucilla,  Plaid loves Alma Lynne!  We have a new collection coming out with some very fun designs.


Bucilla Baby also has Raggedy Ann & Andy.  I love these two!

More Bucilla Baby – the crib ensembles are always a big hit.

FolkArt Extreme Glitter? Yes please! Our bright display made quite an impression.

In case you couldn’t see the detail, check out that bling! Painting templates were incorporated for fun glitter patterns.

Glitter Projects Made with Painting Templates
Orange, red and green glitter are an awesome color combination – ESPECIALLY when florals are involved.

FolkArt Extreme Glitter Display
The back of the display unit (or front, depending on where you are standing) was just as cute!  Love the arbor and that pic of the girl with striped tights and polka boots (she’s a girl after my own heart).

While I was taking photos, Cathy of California stopped by to do some filming with Cathie & Steve.  Cathy is one of our guests on Plaid Craft TV – we are so excited!

Mod Podge Display
I forgot to show you the other side of the Mod Podge display the other day!  Isn’t it funky?  Yes, that lamp shade is Mod Podged.

Let’s revisit Chris at the make and take station – still all smiles!  She barely had a break with all of the traffic.

We finished the day with a fun visit from Mark Montano.  He loves Plaid product, and we love him!

If you can believe it, that’s not all – we haven’t finished the Plaid booth tour, much less what else we discovered at the show.  Come back soon for more Craft & Hobby Association Winter Show fun.


One Comment to “More of Plaid’s Booth at Winter CHA 2011”

  1. I think these snapshots of the show are so cool. I would really like to attend one some time but in the meantime I will enjoy your pictures and thanks for sharing them with us. I am also enjoying Paint Me PLaid because it gives me ideas and inspires my creativity. I use to live in Atlanta where PLaid was everywhere. Now I live in a small town in KY and most of the locals have never heard of PLaid. The local WalMart dosen’t even carry One Stroke anymore. So thanks you for being on the Internet and sending such great stuff. Thanks again

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