The Show Must Go On: More From CHA

Candie Cooper and Mod Podge Amy
On day three of CHA, Candie Cooper and I were ready to roll! We were thoroughly coffeed and breakfast’d, so Candie headed to her jewelry making station and I finished capturing images of the Plaid booth.

Sun Changers
One fashion item that caught a lot of attention were the Sun Changers iron-on transfers.  Do you remember Hypercolor t-shirts from back in the day?  These are similar, but cooler!  Apply a little heat and sun and the colors of the design come out!  Fascinating.

I haven’t yet introduced you to Art – what is wrong with me?  Not painting art, but Art the man!  Art did some paint-by-number at the show, and it was fun to watch.  You may recall that I am a huge lover of paint-by-number.  Yes, I have recently converted to one of the most relaxing painting hobbies you could ever have.  Give it a try.

The great thing about Plaid’s Paint-By-Number is that no blending is required.  Now that I am doing PBN on a regular basis, I completely understand why this is a HUGE benefit.

Some of our best new designs are wildlife – I can’t wait to try that peacock.

My next stop was back to FolkArt Enamels, because I noticed this glass block and how much I loved the stencils.  Isn’t it funny when you discover things you’ve never noticed before in your own booth?  The world looks different through a camera lens!

I didn’t want you to miss the NEW FolkArt Enamels Extreme Glitter either.  I LOVE LOVE this paint!  Fans have been asking for months if they can paint Extreme Glitter on glass, and now the answer is yes.  The line has started with two colors, gold and silver.  That gold is absolutely gorgeous.

I paid a visit to Candie in the jewelry making area of the booth and wanted to show you our awesome Pearls and Pumps line.  The charms and embellishments are soft and elegant.  A lot of our visitors were drooling over these pieces.

I think part of the reason for the attention was the awesome display table of beautiful jewelry.  Check out some of these necklaces . . .

. . . and then more bracelets and necklaces!  The whole table was filled was some of the best jewelry pieces I’ve ever seen.

I’m so excited to tell you how we finished out the day. Plaid WON second place for best booth at the show. Are you kidding?  We are beyond happy!  Thanks to CHA and to all of our friends and supporters – and a HUGE thanks to Kasey and Shauna (pictured above) for putting together one of the best booths ever!

I’ve walked you through the Plaid booth – now it’s time to take you through the rest of the show!  Come back tomorrow for more.


3 Comments to “The Show Must Go On: More From CHA”

  1. Where can I buy the Pearls and Pumps line of jewelry components?

    • Pearls and Pumps was carried in select JoAnn’s stores. Unfortunately, it is no longer in production. However, we do have lots of great new jewelry lines out, check your local JoAnn’s store to see the latest in greatest.

  2. And roll we did! It was a great four days! Thanks Plaid and Amy! 🙂 XO, Candie

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