TGIF Project: Polka-Dotted Heart Frame

The more I talk to people about their Valentine’s Day plans, the more I realize that many are doing projects for friends and family, not just significant others.  I love it.  This Apple Barrel painted frame by Plaid designer Debbie Saenz is a perfect example of something that would work as a Valentine’s Day gift for a variety of people.  But that isn’t even the coolest thing about this project – what is fun is that 1) she used a heart doily and 2) she used bubble packing material to make those polka dots!  You have to read the tutorial to find out how to make this fun frame yourself.

Gather These Supplies

  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint – Red Apple, White
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • Wood frame with heart cutout – we got our from Michaels for $1
  • Stencil Decor roller
  • Red heart paper doily – slightly larger than frame opening
  • Skeleton key embellishment
  • Red satin ribbon – 7/8″
  • Black ribbon with white polka dots – 3/8″
  • Red button – 1
  • Red embroidery floss
  • Black distressing ink and applicator(like a cosmetic sponge)
  • White cardstock – small scrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Black Sharpie
  • Hole punch
  • Drill
  • Hot glue gun

Drill a hole on each upper right corner of the frame.

Paint front of frame with White. Allow to dry.

Paint outside edges of frame, inside edges of heart, and small wooden heart with Red Apple. Allow to dry.

Lay down a piece of bubble wrap with the “bubble” facing up. Roll Stencil Roller into a puddle of Red Apple and coat well then roll over the bubble wrap.

Place the frame on top of the painted bubble wrap and press slightly to imprint paint. Lift the frame straight up from the bubble wrap. Discard bubble wrap. Alloy to dry.

Center the heart doily on top of the heart opening in frame and trace around the opening. Cut away the center.
Use Mod Podge to adhere the heart doily onto the frame.

Press the cosmetic sponge into the distressing ink several times to pick up ink and wipe the outside edges of the frame, heart opening, and edges of the small wooden heart to give a distressed look.

To finish the frame, feed a piece of red ribbon through the back holes of the frame and tie each end into a knot to secure.  Tie the key onto the left side using a piece of black ribbon. Tie into a bow. Tie a piece of ribbon around small wooden heart like a “package” and tie into a bow.  Make a small tag using white card stock. Write “XOXO” with Sparpie, punch a hole through one end and tie on a piece of red embroidery floss. Tie tag onto the small wooden heart around bow.   Tie a piece of red embroidery floss through button then tie off and cut ends. Use hot glue to secure button to center of bow on small wooden heart and heart to frame as shown.

Isn’t it fun?  I’m now thinking about everything I can apply bubble wrap paint to!  Enjoy your weekend, and see you for Valentine’s Day fun on Monday.

3 Comments to “TGIF Project: Polka-Dotted Heart Frame”

  1. So romantic.I like the idea.I must do this once, thanks ALOT

  2. GREAT idea!!! Love it!!! thanks for sharing!!

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