Loading Your Paint Brush

We’re going to switch up Technique Thursday a bit – rather than simply presenting painting techniques, we’re doing an online “column” called:


Plaidie Laddie, loyal Plaid pooch and one of our blog contributors, wants to answer your most burning painting questions.  Every week he’ll pick a question out of his virtual mailbag and answer it (with a little help from me, since he only has paws).  The first question:

“Dear Plaidie Laddie, How do I load my paint brush?  What is the right amount of paint to put on my brush?” -Linda K. from Kansas

Dear Linda, I’ll answer your question in a few parts – I’m first going to show you the wrong way to load your brush.  NEVER dip the brush straight down into your paint puddle all the way up to the ferrule (silver part that holds the bristles onto the brush).  You will quickly gum up your brush and will make it difficult to clean.  You will also have a lot of paint to spread out on your project – this technique can get messy very quickly!

This is the correct amount of paint to have on your brush.  Only go about halfway up the bristles with your paint.  It’s better to have less paint on the brush and come back for more than to have too much.

The way Plaid designers load their brushes is to dip the bristles lightly but firmly into the side of the puddle of paint and then pull out.  Turn over and repeat if you need more paint.

Practice a little and you’ll get the hang of it.  Hope I’ve helped!

Sincerely, Plaidie Laddie

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