All About Gallery Glass Clings!

Spring Break is heading your way quickly, and you may need to plan some “craftivities” for the time at home.  Have you ever tried Gallery Glass clings?  You know the clings we’re talking about; the colorful ones that you stick to the window and let the light shine through.  They are not only fun to look at, but they are fun to make!  We have a huge library of them at PlaidOnline, like the whimsical butterfly above.  Or how about a flower and ladybug?

For more Gallery Glass cling ideas, go here.  You should also visit our new Plaid blog Gallery Glass Class for even more Gallery Glass ideas and inspiration!

3 Responses to “All About Gallery Glass Clings!”

  1. I love making Gallery Glass clings! One Christmas I made an ATL Falcon logo for family presents – my nephew plays for Atlanta. They put them on wine glasses, beer mugs, their car windows . . . you name it! They make great gifts!


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