Tuesday Huesday: Painted Striped Rug

painted striped rug

Sometimes color inspiration is found in the least obvious of places.  I normally think of home improvement stores as providing creative ideas – I’m typically there when something is broken and I have to fix it – but Lowe’s has been putting out some fun publications with great color suggestions.  I spotted this striped rug that is actually painted onto floorboard, and it reminded me of our Apple Barrel line with its bright selection of colors.  You can use any of our paint formulas to accomplish something like this (including FolkArt Outdoor); all you need is the right outdoor sealer and you are good to go.  It’s those bright accents that truly make a difference in the decor.

This palette was created using Apple Barrel colors (from left to right): Lemon Chiffon, Light Leaf Green, Tiger Lily, Lilac Dust

One Comment to “Tuesday Huesday: Painted Striped Rug”

  1. I use Patio Paint to paint faux rugs on my patio and stamp/stencil on the porch. Even a POWERWASHER does not remove it! at one inch away from it,even…great paint!

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