Painted Wood Easter Basket With Eggs

A big welcome to Plaid designer Chris Williams – you’re going to love her Easter basket and eggs!

Ok, so this is my first offcial post on Paint Me Plaid.  When Amy asked me to help her create a fun Easter basket with eggs, I was up for the challenge!  Immediately I located a cute wood box/planter, some paper mache eggs, colorful beads, some ribbon that became my inspiration, wire, my normal painting supplies and of course a colorful palette of FolkArt Acrylics.  Here is my supply list:

Small wood box / planter
2 ½” Paper mache eggs

FolkArt Acrylic Colors:
319 Tickled Pink
508 Orange Poppy
526 Soft Apple
644 Grass Green
735 Lemon Custard
901 Wicker White

CS11217 Sparkle Mod Podge

Miscellaneous Supplies: No. 1 liner brush, No. 8 and 12 Flat brushes, ¼” dauber, stylus, brush basin or container for water, paper towels, foam plate, assorted painted wood beads, 18 gauge wire, 7/8” wide ribbon

I began painting the Easter eggs first and worked on the wood basket second.  The paper mache eggs were brown, so I undercoated them with Wicker White first as a base so that the pastel colors would “pop!”

Next, I began thinking of my patterns and simply basecoated section of the eggs.  I started with Soft Apple.

Next I added Lemon Custard to my palette and painted yellow sections.

No Easter egg would be complete without pink, right?  I added Tickled Pink to my palette and painted away!

To add a little contrast and wow factor, add Orange Poppy to this color mix and paint a few more sections.

Don’t you think my eggs look fun?  And now the real fun begins . . .  adding details to each of the eggs creating fun patchwork designs.  This egg has a daisy on top!

I shaded the Lemon Custard daisy center with Orange Poppy.

Using the liner brush, add petal details with Grass Green.  Paint a few Lemon Custard and Orange Poppy dots around the flower center.

Complete the bottom half of the egg with small Grass Green leaves.

The second egg was painted with a dot floral pattern on top and patchwork sections on the bottom separated with a striped band in the middle.  Painting dot florals is easy using a ¼” dauber!

Now shade the bottom half of the Lemon Custard dots with Orange Poppy.

Using a stylus, paint an Orange Poppy dot at the top of each dot flower.

Randomly add Grass Green stems and leaves.

Paint a Grass Green checkerboard stripe around the egg.

Now complete the lower half of the egg with dots, stripes, and linework using your imagination.  It is fun!

I painted another egg with hearts, dots and stripes.  You can too!

And yet another egg was detailed with the Easter bunny of course!  Enjoy painting all kinds of patchwork designs until your eggs are complete.

I completed my eggs with a couple coats of Sparkle Mod Podge.  It gave them the “sparkly” fun finish I wanted.  I used a roll of stencil tape as an egg holder while brushing on the finish.  It allowed me to finish one half of the egg at a time.  Look at the sparkle on the eggs in the background.

And of course, our eggs need a basket to be displayed in.  I first drilled a small hole into both sides of the wood box using my Fiskars hand drill.  It was so fast and easy to create the two small holes I needed.  I then basecoated my box Wicker White, allowed it to dry, sanded it smooth and reapplied Wicker White.  Now I am ready for the fun part.  Using my ribbon as my inspiration for design and color palette, I marked a 7/8” pencil line around the bottom of the box.

Paint random widths of Tickled Pink, Lemon Custard, Orange Poppy and Soft Apple sections.  Using the liner brush, paint a “line – dot – line” pattern separating the striped border from the top of the box.

Using the ¼” dauber, paint random polka dots on the top of the box.

Add a tiny polka dot at one o’clock on each circle using a stylus or the tip of the liner brush.

While your dots are drying, paint the inside of the box / basket with Orange Poppy.

I decided to add a checkerboard pattern on the top band of the wood box / basket using Orange Poppy.

Of course, don’t forget the bottom.  I painted mine Orange Poppy.

When dry, brush a couple coats of Sparkle Mod Podge over the surface.

Next, gather your wire, (I used 18 gauge wire), beads, ribbon and scissors.  Insert the wire through the holes created and simply add a bead or two, tie a 8” section of ribbon, twist the wire around a pencil and repeat until the entire handle has been created.

Attach to the second side again looping through the hole created in the first step.  Using scissors, trim the ribbon ends by cutting a “v” shape.

You are now ready to fill with Easter cello grass and top with your hand painted paper mache eggs.  What a cute centerpiece to be displayed throughout the Easter holiday!

4 Comments to “Painted Wood Easter Basket With Eggs”

  1. Hey Candie, I am glad to know that you liked my hand painted Easter eggs. They sure were a lot of fun to paint. And quick too, no set pattern . . . . just play! And the pattern on the basket / bowl was fun using a ribbon pattern as inspiration! Too bad you don’t live here in GA, we could paint together! Christopher

  2. Oh my gosh! I want those eggs! So cute, Christopher!!!

  3. I think this is amazing,do you all sell a kit to this I would love to make one,there’s no way I could get all that stuff rounded up.please let me know. thank-you you do beautiful work freda

    • Freda, thanks so very much for your inquiry. I am glad to know that you enjoyed this project. At this time, we do not sell a kit for this project, however, please contact me at and I will be glad to help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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