Make Your Own Easter Chick Placecard Holder

Plaid designer Chris Williams adds fun and whimsy to your Easter table with her cute chick placecard holders.  You can whip up several of these at once, use them for placecards and then give everyone their own unique gift to take home!  Here’s the complete tutorial from Chris herself.


No Easter Sunday dinner table would be complete without “chickie” place card holders, right? Why not dress up your Easter dinner table with this idea? It is fun and easy to do. First gather your basic crafting supplies and add a few FolkArt Acrylic colors too.

Gather These Supplies

Wood doll pin holder
2 ½” Paper mache eggs

FolkArt Acrylic Colors:
319 Tickled Pink
508 Orange Poppy
526 Soft Apple
644 Grass Green
735 Lemon Custard
901 Wicker White

CS11217 Sparkle Mod Podge

Miscellaneous Supplies: No. 1 liner brush, No. 8 and 12 Flat brushes, stylus, brush basin or container for water, paper towels, foam plate, 4” – 18 gauge wire, 6” – 7/8” wide ribbon, 2 – 4 ½” orange chenille stems, 1 – bright green chenille stem, 1414 Favorite Findings Felt Buttons and plastic buttons from Blumenthal Lansing, yellow feather, Premium Tacky Glue

I began by basecoating the brown paper mache egg with Wicker White. This will allow the Lemon Custard chick body to “pop.”

Next, basecoat the egg Lemon Custard and allow to dry. I then penciled in dots of eyes and a diamond shape for the nose. Create two wings and a jagged edge of half an egg shell. Paint the eggshell Soft Apple and the beak Orange Poppy.

Highlight the edges of the wings with Wicker White. I then had fun decorating the egg with Tickled Pink four petal flowers.

Add small Grass Green leaves.

Using the handle end of the paintbrush, add Lemon Custard dots to the flower centers.

Add smaller Wicker White dots as filler. Using the liner brush and Licorice, outline the wings and beak. Add two tiny Licorice dots for eyes.

I also painted the wood doll pin stand Lemon Custard. When dry, brush a coat or two of Sparkle Mod Podge over the egg. Allow to dry. Using two 4 ½” pieces of orange chenille stem, fashion two webbed chicken feet.

I layered plastic and felt buttons from Blumenthal Lansing using a green chenille stem to hold them together. If desired, fashion a leaf using one of the stems.

Using Beacon’s Premium Tacky Glue, attach the painted wood doll pin holder to a large button. Using a stylus, poke a hole into the egg at the top for the feather and wire, at one wing for the button chenille flower, and two at the bottom for the legs.

Create your place card using scrapbook papers.

Create a multi loop with the 18 gauge wire by wrapping it around a pencil. Straighten remaining wire as a straight stem. Attach the legs, button chenille flower, head feather, and wire card holder to the egg using additional Premium Tacky Glue. Tie a ribbon bow at the top of the head. Affix your place card in the wire loop and set your dinner table!

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