TGIF Project: Easter Chick Centerpiece

Easter Chick Centerpiece

This sweet little chick will not only be the centerpiece of your Easter table… she will most certainly be the center of attention. (But, don’t let her upstage the ham… hams take pride in being the center of attention.)

Just a few supplies, some paint and some Styrofoam and you can create this sweet chick by me, Plaid Designer, Julie Lewis. Here’s what you’ll need:

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
The supplies Julie used to create her chick.

  • 20218 Mango
  • 20221 Kiwi
  • 20251 Pink Parfait
  • 20513 Bright Yellow
  • 20584 Lemon Chiffon
  • 20741 Cloudless

Styrofoam – 2” ball, 2 5/16” x 3 1/16” egg
2 orange chenille stems
1 7/8” x 1 ¾” wood candlestick
4” round wood plaque
2 – .5 mm wiggle eyes
2 yellow feathers
2mm orange foam sheet
Small paper flower and gem
Small paper mache egg
Wood dowel
Mini green rick rack trim
¼” dauber
¼” stencil brush
¾” foam spouncer
½” flat brush, #1 liner brush
Use a dauber to paint the styrofoam egg.
Using spouncer, apply yellow paint to Styrofoam. You can insert a paint brush into the shapes to hold as you paint…just make sure you insert the brush handle where the head and body will join.

Use a liner brush to add detail to the base of the centerpiece.
Paint the candlestick and wood plaque in remaining colors. Apply details with liner brush and add dots using opposite end of brush.
Glue the pieces of the base together.
Glue the two pieces together.

Bend chenille into feet.

Fashion two legs with feet out of the chenille stems. Bend a few times to make toes, then twist to secure bringing remainder of stem up for legs.
Cut a diamond shape out of foam for a beak.
Cut a small diamond shape from the foam sheet.

Use scissors to cut a slit for the chick's beak.

Using your scissors, create a small slit where you want the mouth to be. (*remember where your hole is for the neck…can’t have that anywhere near the face)
Insert the foam into the slit.
Fold diamond shape and insert into slit for beak.

Attach the pieces of the chick with a small dowel.
Insert small dowel into body and glue head onto stick.
Give your chick a little bit of blush.
Using a dry stencil brush, apply pink cheeks to the head so she has color…and looks pretty.
Add feathers.
Dip tips of feathers into glue and push into body.
Attach legs.
Start a hole under the body with a brush handle, then glue legs. Make sure your legs are even or she’ll tip over..not good.
Add eyes flower and gem to your chick.
Glue on eyes, flower and gem.
Glue rick rack onto the centerpiece base.
Glue rick rack trim around base.
Paint and decorate the egg.
Paint paper mache egg pink and add Mango dots.
Attach your chick and the egg to the base.
Glue egg to base.

And there she is…the star of your table… (don’t tell the ham)

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