Easy-to-Paint Projects to Mom From the Kids

With Mother’s Day coming right on the heals of Easter, some of you may be scrambling to find the perfect present from Mom. If your mom is like mine, she’ll love handmade presents from the kids or grandkids. Fortunately, Gallery Glass is easy for kids to use. Clings are fun for them to make and have multiple uses. Plus, you can even create coordinating projects with them!

Here’s the idea: while the kids are in school or asleep outline some patterns on leading blanks using Liquid Lead. Getting this done while the kids are away gives the leading time to dry without getting the kids too excited. (Liquid Leading needs 24 hours to dry, so plan accordingly.)

The next day bring out your Gallery Glass Window Colors and the cling patterns. Since the bottle has a pointed tip the kids can paint directly from it. There’s no worry about paint brushes, knocking over cups of water, etc. And if they manage to drip some Window Color on the table, as long as you wipe it up before it dries, no one will ever know.

Window Color also needs 24 hours to dry. But once it is dry, you can peel the clings off the leading blanks and attach them to vases, mirrors, picture frames or any glass surface. You can even put them on the windows for Mom — she’ll have her own customized sun catchers.

Visit PlaidOnline.com for more great Gallery Glass ideas.

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