TGIF Project: Funky Love Birds

Funky Love Birds Picture Frame

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, it’s all been kept pretty low key, but Prince William and Kate Middleton got married today! In honor of the romantic occasion our very own Chris Williams made this whimsical frame featuring love birds. Use it to show case your favorite romantic moment, or the fun you and your honey have.

Gather your painting supplies, a few bottles of Apple Barrel Colors, a $1.00 frame and an inexpensive mini birdhouse and let’s get started!

Supplies for the Funky Love Birds FrameSurface:

$1.00 Frame from Michaels
Mini wood birdhouse with heart opening

Apple Barrel Colors:

20221  Kiwi
20247  Caribbean
20254  Diva Pink
20503  White
20504  Black
20513  Bright Yellow
20589  Harvest Orange

Miscellaneous Supplies:  No. 1 liner brush, ¾” and No. 10 flat brushes, stylus, pencil, ruler, tracing paper, brush basin or container for water, paper towels, foam plate, fine grit sandpaper, stencil tape, white craft glue or hot glue.

Base coat the frame.

First, base coat the entire frame and mini birdhouse with White using a ¾” flat brush.  If you want to seal areas where the wood grain is dark simply wait for the paint to dry, then sand smooth using fine grit sandpaper. If necessary, reapply White.  Once the frame is dry measure and masked off a ¼” stripe around the edge.  Paint the stripe, Kiwi; when dry remove the tape.

Sketch the pattern out on tracing paper. Next, simply lay the tracing paper pattern on top of the frame, slip graphite transfer paper between the frame and the pattern and trace over the pattern lines using a stylus. There is no need to transfer all the dots and detail stripes. You can freehand them or change them up to add more of your flavor to them.

Undercoat the birds.

And now the “real” fun begins!  Start undercoating all the sections of each funky bird.  The head, neck, legs and feet were painted Bright Yellow. Paint the wing and tail Diva Pink.  If you want opaque coverage allow the first coat to dry for each section and then add a second coat.

Paint the beaks and heart.

Paint the beaks Harvest Orange and the heart Diva Pink.

Paint the body Caribbean.

The body of the funky birds is painted Caribbean.  How cool is this color?  Reminds me of summer vacations

Highlight the birds' body.

Now begin highlighting and shading just a bit.  Add White to one side of the Caribbean loaded brush and brush along the top and back of each bird body. The tummy and bottom of the body is shaded with Kiwi.

Highlight the beaks.

Harvest Orange shades the Bright Yellow head and neck, as well as the Diva Pink wing and tail.

Highlight the wing and tail.

Highlight the wing and tail with White.

Add stripes to the legs and neck.

Using a No. 1 liner brush, add a few Harvest Orange stripes on the legs as well as the neck for character. The funky bird is coming to life!

Paint the eyes.

Paint the heart the same as the wings and tail; then paint their eyes Caribbean with a Black pupil using a No. 1 liner brush.

Add head feathers.

Add a few head feathers in Caribbean and Diva Pink.  Don’t forget to add a tiny White highlight in the eyes at 1 o’clock.

Dress up your birds.

Dress up the birds with Kiwi polka dots and a Diva Pink heart.  Use the handle end of your liner brush to paint the dots, very easy!

Add White scrolls to the wings and tails.

Add a few White scrolls to the wings and tails to give the illusion of feathers.

Outline the entire bird with Black.

Next, outline the entire bird with thinned Black using a No. 1 liner brush.  If you are a beginner and not sure about this step, no worries. A fine point black permanent ink marker will do the same thing.  The black linework helps the bright colors to POP!

You do not have to paint the full bird on the left.

You do not have to paint the full bird on the left. This is where you will glue the mini birdhouse to the front of the frame.

Paint the letters with a liner brush.

Paint the letters Caribbean using a liner brush. It is easy to simply fill in between the pattern lines. When dry, paint one Kiwi stroke down the center of each letter and outline with Black on the left side.

Paint a line border of mini black dots.

Using a stylus, paint a line or border of mini Black polka dots along both sides of the Kiwi stripe.  I loaded my stylus for each dot made so that they were all relatively the same size.

Trim the opening and the outside edges in black.

Next, trim the opening and outside edges of the frame Black.  Again this will help the bright colors to POP!

Brush a coat of clear varnish over the frame once all the paint is dry.

When everything is completely dry, brush a coat of two of FolkArt Waterbase Varnish over the frame.  I used the Matte finish.

Now, on to the birdhouse!

Sand the birdhouse smooth with fine grit sandpaper.

Sand it smooth with fine grit sandpaper and then paint it White.

Paint each side of the birdhouse in the same colors you used on the birds.

I painted the room and edges Bright Yellow, the front and back Caribbean and the sides Diva Pink.

Paint each side to match the birds.

Next, paint each area the same as you painted the birds! Orange stripes on Bright Yellow and Kiwi polka dots on Caribbean.  You can even shade these areas if you like.  I also added a few heart blooms on the front!

Side view.

Here’s a look at the side.  Don’t forget to add the Black mini polka dots for fun!

The finished product!

When dry, brush a coat of waterbase varnish on the birdhouse too.  Attach the mini birdhouse to the frame using either hot glue or a good white craft glue when varnish is dry.  Complete with a photo of your favorite lovebirds and enjoy!

3 Comments to “TGIF Project: Funky Love Birds”

  1. Thanks, Juliana. I am thrilled to know you enjoyed this project.

  2. I really love the project ! 😉

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